Rega Ania question: Sibilance or bad pressings?

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Re: Rega Ania question: Sibilance or bad pressings?

Post by Erin1 » 29 Oct 2019 06:00

KryptosRSA wrote:
28 Oct 2019 10:43

Unless you folk think there is a good reason to return this Ania for another I think I am going to “live with it”.
I'm glad changing the loading helped a bit with the sound.

I have a feeling the diamond may be mounted slightly askew causing one side to be sibilant more than the other side.

It may be worth taking it to the dealer to be checked against another cartridge.

Something doesn't sound right to me that it's always one channel causing an issue...

Or, you really need to get yourself a cartridge with a microline or Fritz Geiger Stylus.