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Re: Best cartridge

Post by patient_ot » 27 May 2019 00:21

Steve63 wrote:
26 May 2019 19:01
My records are in good condition and I clean them with the record happy premium washer. It seems to do a very good job. Its basically a black spin clean that comes with a drying rack.
If you have at least a spin clean device, then advanced stylus shapes will give you the best sound. If you have any records that are below VG+, you may want to keep a cheap conical cartridge on hand to play those.

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Re: Best cartridge

Post by jdjohn » 27 May 2019 05:02

patient_ot wrote:
27 May 2019 00:20
Sunwire wrote:
26 May 2019 19:43
I would go with the best Audio Technica MM cartridge you can afford.

Best long term investment. They will always make compatible needles with a variety of shapes.
And...since the OP wants to hear those highs, AT carts are known for being on the brighter side, with nice playback of higher frequencies.

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Re: Best cartridge

Post by raphaelmabo » 27 May 2019 06:49

If you have the stock cartridge on your Denon, then you have a version of the Audio-Technica AT3600 cartridge. You can get a better stylus for it. It comes with a standard conical, and this will roll off the treble frequencies. Replacing it with an elliptical or even finer stylus, will give you more high frequency information. Like this one...

Sumiko Olympia is a nice and smooth cartridge with an ear-friendly sound, it digs deep in the bass and it has an informative and airy treble and very nice stereo separation, a very good allrounder, but if you want more energy in the treble - then there are other players, like Audio Technica. If you want to try MC cartridges, then Benz Micro MC Gold (low output) or MC Silver (high output) has an extended frequency sound with very good treble and a firm, dry bass. Very good sense of presence, 3D. I have the MC Silver myself. :) But I would say that they are an overkill for a Denon DP300F.

To get a balanced sound: Don't spend more on the cartridge than on the turntable! The turntable should be the most expensive unit in the vinyl replay-part of the setup. So for example, if you have a 500 euro turntable, then look for up to 250 euro cartridges and up to 250 euro phono pre-amps. I have a 700 euro turntable and a 300 euro cartridge, the limiting factor in my setup is the phono pre-amp, I will upgrade it in the future. :)

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Re: Best cartridge

Post by Boltman92124 » 27 May 2019 15:50

LP Gear still has some AT120eb's for sale..about $60 less than the new VM nude model. Most extended top end of any cart I have, that's for sure. Nude elliptical. Will take the newer stylus' as well later on. Not sure if it would be a good fit on the DP300f though. It is a "low rider".

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Re: Best cartridge

Post by Steve63 » 30 May 2019 18:46

The verdict is in, hands down Sumiko Moonstone. I went to a stereo store and we tried 8 different stylist in 6 different cartridges, the moonstone was without a doubt the best.