Philips 212 upgrade cartridge question.

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Re: Philips 212 upgrade cartridge question.

Post by jcgilles » 22 Sep 2019 13:29


I've purchased the universal sledge to put different kind of cartridge on my Philips 212 but the stylus height on the other brands cartridges doesn't reach the original Philips stylus's height (especially the Pickering). I can compare both heights on the Philips calibration tool.
My question is: should I fix the other brand cartridges on the universal sledge with braces to reach the same height that the original and then leaving the arm at the same angle or it doesn't matter ?

And where can I buy those braces ?

Thank you for your advices.


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Re: Philips 212 upgrade cartridge question.

Post by Pauw » 22 Sep 2019 13:37

The angle at which the stylus attacks the groove does make a difference to the sound that you get. Each cartridge manufacturer does specify the angle at which the stylus should be to the groove (the rake angle). The arm on the Philips doesn't have height adjustment. So, you can either add a small slither of material to obtain the same cartridge height . This , as long as the material is very thick, say up to 5 or so mm is ok . If it more, it might give a problem in fixing the sled in but, you can work on that. If the difference between the two cartridge heights is only a mm ot 2 I would not worry too much.

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Re: Philips 212 upgrade cartridge question.

Post by pivot » 22 Sep 2019 16:30

Originally the Phillips GA 212 (at least here in the USA) came with a variety of shims and cartridge bolt lengths to get the cartridge at the right height. You should set the cartridge so the tonearm is level with the record surface. It does change the sound and record wear.

Google "Phono cartridge shims" to see what is available in your country. Because of the nature of the cartridge sled you will need a variety of bolt lengths so the sled will slide into the head shell. I recall in my dim memory that getting the rigth length bolt and shim was a bit of a P-I-T-A with the 212.

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Re: Philips 212 upgrade cartridge question.

Post by Collux » 22 Sep 2019 18:00