help with checking alignment on a Project/AT setup.

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help with checking alignment on a Project/AT setup.

Post by blakey72 » 22 Oct 2018 04:54

Hi all. Lately for some reason my turntable setup has been sounding really flat like a veil is of the sound. This is the setup:

Project RPM5.1 Turntable
Project 9CC Arm
Audio Technica AT150MLX cart
Project Speedbox S

I have cleaned the stylus with a brush and clean my vinyl with spray and a cloth. I can't remember the cart being bumped or anything but wanted to rule out alignment. Tracking force is set at 1.6g. What protractor template should I use for this setup? The stylus only has about 80-100 hours on it so it should still be ok unless it's damaged. Any ideas?


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Re: help with checking alignment on a Project/AT setup.

Post by Alec124c41 » 22 Oct 2018 13:49

I use a 2-point protractor, which can be used with any arm, and I prefer the Baerwald alignment.
With a 2-point protractor, set the stylus on the crosshairs of the outer grid, and square the cartridge to it.
Move to the inner grid, stylus on crosshairs.
If the cartridge angles toward the middle of the record, move it forward a bit, and start over.
If the cartridge angles away from the middle of the record, move it back a bit, and start over.
When the cartridge sits squarely in both grids, stylus on crosshairs, you are done.


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Re: help with checking alignment on a Project/AT setup.

Post by TD 166 MKII » 24 Oct 2018 07:33

You should check you Stylus with a Magnifier or you can try the Camera on your phone, some can zoom in enough to give a pretty good look. The very tip maybe showing but just above it maybe surrounded with gunk, specially if you played right after you cleaned and the cleaner is still in the groove, the needle goes through the groove and it builds up until you get a dulling sound or sometimes a buzzing sound and will be most noticeable in the high mids and highs. I have had this happen and brushing would not do it, I had to use a cleaner because it was stuck on and ad the heat that is generated I assume partially baked on.
For Alignment I broke down and bought the Pro-Ject "Align it" tool and I am very glad I did. I tied many different print out versions and was never satisfied. When I did my first adjust with the Tool I must even though very small the sound difference was amazing and that made it worth every penny. I got mine from England and it was about 30 to 40 bucks cheaper even after the exchange. If you do happen to pick one up PM me and I will help you with a few tricks to make it easier and a little quicker.

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