New Audio Technica VM95 Series - Next Generation of the AT95

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Re: New Audio Technica VM95 Series - Next Generation of the AT95

Post by cafe latte » 08 Jul 2019 21:30

BMRR wrote:
08 Jul 2019 14:24
The 540 is also a four coil generator vs. two coil for the 95, and the 540 has laminated cores vs. unlaminated for the 95. Last but not least they use higher quality coil wire in the 540.
Thanks for the correction appreciated :)

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Re: New Audio Technica VM95 Series - Next Generation of the AT95

Post by patient_ot » 09 Jul 2019 00:11

cafe latte wrote:
07 Jul 2019 22:48

I would be very curious to know differences between frequency plots and cross talk between old body and new, using a new ml stylus on both, is it something you can do?
Not possible. I don't have an old style 95 body to test. It would also need the same headshell for comparison's sake which isn't exactly cheap at $80. Maybe someone else can do it. I know a few people that have this cartridge and have tested it on other boards. I can tell you both the VM95C and VM95ML are both basically flat out to 20khz, as flat as you can expect a current production cartridge to be at 100pf input capacitance and 47k resistive loading.

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Re: New Audio Technica VM95 Series - Next Generation of the AT95

Post by Jools45 » 12 Aug 2019 14:30

I did a number of tests on 45's, which is a lot of what will travel beneath this VM95c. I have some tests that I do to gauge the stress the stylus puts on the grooves. This starts with using the dreaded Polystyrene molded 45's...which I have in abundance. First was a cuing test. Anyone who has ever tried to back-cue Styrene 45's on an eliptical stylus can tell you, cue-burn happens VERY quickly on them...Sometimes with the very first cue! The VM95c did not show any signs of cue-burn after 25 cue cycles (so 50 passes) at 2.2 grams. The sharper stylus doesn't seem to hurt matters much in this department. This also shows that the stylus tip is quite well polished from the factory, which many are not. A poorly polished stylus will burn a styrene 45 very quickly at first, and then settle down after 10-20 hours of play. Basically using the vinyl to polish it.

All in all, the VM95c seems a good performer for DJ's who back-cue a lot, and also a good choice for playing 45 RPM singles...especially polystyrene ones. It does find cleaner vinyl (or plastic) due to the slightly smaller tips size than the other 0.7 mil styli I have. It is a somewhat brighter sounding cartridge however (relative to the Shure M77-G), so if you system tends to the overly bright side, it may not be the cartridge for you.

Dave O.

Thank you so much for your rewiew and the tests you've published here (especially on styrene 45s). I've found your post very helpful indeed.

I have lots of original 1960s soul 45s. Lots of these are pressed on styrene, and like you say they wear so quickly. (you can almost hear the increased deterioration after each play)! Lots of my 45s are rare and some run well into 4 figures to buy now so replacing them wouldn't even be an option. Caring for my records has always been my top priority, even over the sound quality of the playback on my system.

I've now bought a VM95C (on the strength of you're review and other advice and articles that I have read here on VE) and I'm just running it in by playing some vinyl LPs before I let it loose on my styrene 45s.

So far I'm very impressed with the sound quality. I'm a little older and my hearing ain't what it used to be, but it's sounding alright to me.

I used to use a an AT-95E many moons ago, then switched to Ortofon carts for a good 15+ years, but I must say I'm enjoying my switch back to AT again and loving the VM95C

You've had yours a good while now, how's it holding up?
Are you still finding it kind to your styrene 45s?

Thanks again for the excellent write up.
All the best

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