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Re: Sumiko Phono Cartridges

Post by alevans51 » 24 Jan 2019 15:34

Recently arrived and installed the Sumiko Amethyst. Here is my report:

Sumiko Amethyst Evaluation -


The most critical thing you need to know about the Amethyst is its VTA. You have to set your tone arm down to 20 degrees, or you are going to be extremely confused as to why the sound is so full of bass.

Sound Characteristics:

1. Excellent noise floor. Irritation of scraping minimized.

2. Outstanding sound stage. Instruments and musicians and vocalists claim their places and hold them. Flourishes and "gilding the lilly" effects inserted by sound engineers obvious.

3. Resonating minimized. The cartridge is merciless in suppressing resonanation. This is a big problem in other carts.

4. Liveliness. There is no improvisation or added response to dramatic changes in material. It only provides what's on the vinyl, and all of what is there.

5. Truthfulness. This cartridge is about discipline. The noise is controlled, the stage is presented and the material is from the record and no place else.


The Sumiko Amethyst is a one-of-a-kind in the moving magnet world. But must I say moving magnet? Because it really does not matter how they built it, if all you are thinking about is the sound. To put is plainly, we are in another realm with this one. You can tell the designers truly understand sound, and they know what you are looking for with great acuity.