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Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 08 May 2018 07:48
by dedekam
Hi, im considering to upgrade my MP-110 to either MP-200 or MP-500

id like to know if anyone here has experience with either cartridge and if the jump from 200 to 500 is worth the pricedifference?

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 08 May 2018 09:13
by DeepEnd
I am running a MP110 and MP200 stylus in the previous generation body (MP11B) and yes the MP-200 stylus is a big step up from the 110 adding refinement and better imaging to the very enjoyable presentation.

With regard to the step from 200 to 500 I have also considered this issue. The problem is that in the UK the Nagaoka range have become very expensive.

The MP110 is £110 (stylus cost £69)
The MP200 is £340 (stylus cost £200)
The MP500 is £650 (stylus cost £350)

This makes the MP-500 more expensive than the 2M Black, Goldring G1042, VM750SH etc which makes it much harder to justify. This may be different in your country and bringing styli in from Japan (even paying duty, tax and handing charges) is much cheaper (£31, £125 and £240).

Because of these costs I have had the old MP-11B (similar cantilever to MP200) retipped with a extended line contact tip (a bit like a MP500) and yes this appears to be a step up from the MP200. From this the 500 is probably a significant step but perhaps not worth the £300 jump over the MP200.

If I was starting from scratch I would probably buy a MP-200 (slightly better body than the MP100/110) and enjoy it’s performance. When it was worn out at about the price of a new imported new stylus have it re-tipped with a low mass Paratrace (£120) and get 95% of the MP500’s performance for a lot less money.

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 08 May 2018 09:39
by dedekam
thanks for a very informative reply - the MP-200 / MP-500 is about the same here, and another 100 pounds for the version with headshell

perhaps ill try the MP-200 first :)

thanks again

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 09 May 2018 00:52
by PaulKehayas
Which cart has the laminated pole pieces?
I have a MP11B and the MP30.
I have always been confused about that.

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 09 May 2018 05:57
by DeepEnd
If you have a look at the brochure on the forum (link below) in the specification table under “magnetic circuit” you find

MP10 and MP11 are single piece 0.3mm
MP15, MP20 and MP30 are 1 off 0.1mm and 1 off 0.2mm (i.e laminated)
MP50 is 3 off 0.1mm (fully laminated).

My data sheet for the MP-11 Boron states the 0.3mm single piece magnetic circuit.

On the later series brochure Nagaoka have not detailed the full info but the three laminations is noted in the info before the MP-500 but it seems to indicate that the MP300 also gets the three laminations as well. If is also talks about laminated cores prior to the MP-200 so it is assumed that the MP150 and MP200 have the 0.1+0.2 and the MP100 and the MP110 are single piece. ... r_mpxx.pdf

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500 compared to mp50 Super

Posted: 09 May 2018 21:57
by ttlover55
How does my mp50 super rate at in comparison?

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 09 May 2018 22:18
by DeepEnd
As far as I know the MP-50 Super is a MP-50 body with a line contact tip stylus (like the MP-500) rather than the “super elliptical” of the MP-50.

Re: Nagaoka MP-200 or MP-500?

Posted: 24 May 2019 19:33
by lashing
I have both carts running right now. The MP-500 is a fantastic cart that holds its own against anything else I have. That included MC. The mp200 is a good cart but sounds harsh compared to the MP500. For example I have the 200 on an Oracle Delphi right now and beside it a Yamaha PF1000 with the 500. No matter what album, the 500/yammy wins hands down. Highs are natural and the bass is excellent, low with definition. The 200 is fine, despite being on the better table, its highs are a little harsh and overall not the seperation, lows not as deep. Please note I am splitting hairs here. Its not that I am annoyed with the 200, just that in side by side it becomes obvious. The MP200 I have is brand new and the 500 I've run for awhile.

Before the 200 went on the Oracle I was running a Denon 130 which really surprised me (good), before that a Charisma MC-1 (nice but not $$$$ better than the Denon)

I would have to say when I ran the Charisma and MP500 side to side ... the Nagaoka still held its own. Apples to oranges in a way but the Nagaoka has more punch. I preferred MC until I got my Gotenote PH10. That stage really improved the MM sound and I am deferring to the MP500 now for listening.