Technics Alignment Gauge

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Re: Technics Alignment Gauge

Post by Boltman92124 » 19 Dec 2017 17:31

AlwaysAirborne wrote:The Technics overhang gauge does not accurately align the cartridge on the AT LP120 TT. (I know some do try to use it but the results are not great.) You can use the the Conrad Hoffman protractor found here at VE or the protactor provided by Audio Technica.

Here is the AT link: ... _sheet.pdf
I used this protractor last night. Thanks for the link. It really just seems to be straight Stevenson for the LP120. Works nicely! A good starting spot is to have the cart at 52mm overhang when you begin. The cartridges are angled in towards the spindle similar to the Technics ARC, but further back in the headshell around 53mm.