Technics P205CMK3

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Technics P205CMK3

Post by liamsponaugle22 » 16 May 2019 06:12

I got this super cool Technics SL-15 for free about a month ago, and the turn table I use normally needed a new needle, so I put the one from the SL-15 in it. It's another Technics turn table from the same era, so it fits well. The cartridge is the P205CMK3. Does anyone have any information on it? Should I keep it in the original table? Does anyone have an estimate on how much I'd b able to get for the turn table with that cartridge, which appears to be the original, and with the original manuals?

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Re: Technics P205CMK3

Post by billshurv » 16 May 2019 10:45

the cartridge is potentially worth a lot more than anything else, but condition is all. You cannot get the stylii for the Mk3 any more and the suspension has a habit of failing. So without it being inspected hard to put a value on. If its all working and low hours a few hundred dollars.

BUT no MM currently made is as good as that!

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Re: Technics P205CMK3

Post by Peter Smart » 16 May 2019 14:02

I got the EPC 207. I am very happy with it, it it the best i've had. I have had Denon DL 160 and Grace F8 among others, but the 207 is the best.

The EPC 205III sell for high prices at ebay. You get new styli from Jico/Tonar, and they are very good.

What a gift!

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Re: Technics P205CMK3

Post by urantoid » 16 May 2019 15:02

The SL15 is the top of the range in the massively under-rated Technics linear tracker line-up. Very rare and depending on the condition worth a great deal. I would keep it as a reference rather than selling it as it is very friend/family/kiddy friendly and sounds great even with lesser cartridges.

WRT to the previous post do note that the styli available from Jico (EPS205xx) are for the EPC205 cartridge not for the P mount EPC-P205 version that is required for the SL15.

If you are able to locate a reliable source of replacement styli for the P205(incuding Tonar (or anywhere else) PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW as I've been looking for these styli myself for years without luck, even from Ebay.

The sound is truly fantastic but if the suspension and coil are fine you may have to go for a re-tip or replacement cantilever in the future. Expert Stylus in the UK did a great job for me if you don't mind the cost and wait. There are options closer to you but I have no personal experience of them myself.

What a gift indeed!

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