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How many turntables have you had?

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How many turntables have you had?

Postby abril » 10 Nov 2017 16:50

On the basis of a little bet :D
With a SW neighbour who thought I maybe had owned more tape decks than turntables,I could not find an existing thread so here is my starter for 1.
Not sure it is complete,but is what came to mind over 2 days or so.

Garrard SP25
Pioneer PL12D
Thorens TD160 (2 or 3)
Thorens TD160 super (2) (Rega)
Dual 505
Michell Hydraulic Ref (Fluid arm/Hadcock 228/Rega)
Systemdek 11X900 (Systemdek)
AR The turntable
ERA Mk6 (SME 3009)
QED R232
Walker CJ58 (Formula 4)
Michell Focus 1 (Hadcock 228)
AR EB101
Funk Vector (Rega)
Connoisseur BD2/SAU2
Systemdek 11X900AP (Rega/Mission 774)
PT LPT (3 or 4 inc 1 blacktop)(Rega/Tabriz/Nima/Basik+/Audiomods)
PT1 (Mission 774)

:lol: :lol:
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby GrumpyBob » 10 Nov 2017 17:39

I have owned three:
A manual turntable I bought about 1978 (I cannot remember the brand let alone the model!). It replaced a really cheap music centre which I got as a new undergraduate in 1977.
A Dual, which I bought after the first turntable was stolen in a burglary in around 1985 (I cannot remember the model)
A Rega Planar 3 which has been in service since the mid-1990s.

Not many compared to many of the posters here, I bet!

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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby JoeE SP9 » 10 Nov 2017 18:54

I haven't had very many. First (1968) was a Benjamin Miracord w/Pickering cartridge. I don't remember the model number. Second was a Radio Shack Lab 400 w/Shure R47(?) cartridge. Third was a Micro Seiki DQ-43 (I still have this) with a Shure V-15IV cartridge.

Fourth and final (so far) is a VPI HW-19. It has a modified RB-300 and currently a Sumiko Blackbird. The tonearm has been extensively modified (stub, counter weight, wires, damping, VTA adjuster, etc. The TT has been upgraded with an SDS and TNT platter and bearing.
ARC SP9, HW19, RB300, Sumiko Blackbird: Front: Magnepan 1.7, 2 x 12" TL subs 2 bridged Crown XLS 402, 2 modified Dyna MK-III's. DBX-223XS, Behringer DSP1124P, rear: Acoustat Model 1/SPW-1, Behringer CX-2310, 2 Adcom GFA-545
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby LD100 » 11 Nov 2017 03:47

First one in High School--Realistic/BSR
Second one in College --Pioneer PL-51A

Third --B&O 4002
Fourth --Linn LP12
Fifth --Technics SL-150MK2
Sixth --Transcriptors Skeleton

I still have the last three. =D>
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby AdlerW » 11 Nov 2017 05:53

I've been into vinyl for approximately one year and two months and in that time, I've owned about 14 turntables. A bit embarrassed to admit that...

Most of them I bought on eBay and then re-sold on eBay after deciding I wanted something different. About to buy a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon.
Technics SL-Q3 w/ Nagaoka MP-150 & Grado Blue2
Schiit Magni 2/Mani
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby tobyKenobi » 11 Nov 2017 08:55

Similar story to Bob/Robert.

- Memories of my parents Decca "Music Centre" when I was a child. Even then I knew it wasn't great: my grandfather owned a B&O turntable with matching speakers which I thought sounded excellent.

- As a student I bought a Technics mini-turntable with a matching receiver.

- When I started working a Dual from Richer Sounds

- A few years later a Planar 3 which is still going strong!
Rega Planar 3, RB300, Goldring Elan; Arcam 8SE CD; aged Sony amp; Rega Kytes; Castle Severn IIs
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby mrw00ds » 11 Nov 2017 11:10

Over a 45 year period, in rough chronological order:

BSR McDonald MP60 with Goldring G800
JVC JLA 15 auto return
Garrard Direct Drive TT, (DD130, I think)
Garrard 301 with SME 3009
Garrard 301 with SME 3012 and Decca Maroon cart.
Thorens TD 150 with Acos Lustre Arm
Fons CQ30 with SME 3009
Thorens TD 160 with SME Series III
AR Legend with Linn LVX arm
Pro-Ject "The Classic" with Denon DL110 cart.

Despite an inexplicable slight channel imbalance with the last TT, once I've got the balance right it's the most satisfying yet in terms of soundstage and sense of "air" around the instruments. I'm sure the Arcam rPhono preamp is playing its part there =D>

Interesting to see other VE members' turntable odysseys!
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby Fire99 » 11 Nov 2017 14:29

I’ve only owned two. A newbie who only got into vinyl roughly two years ago.
First- Rega Rp6/Exact
Second- Rega Rp10/ Apheta 2
Rega rp10/Apheta 2, Rega Aria, Rega Dac-r, Rega Elicit-r, Rega Ear, Rega Couple 2 Interconnects, Rega Reference Mains, Rega Atlas
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Loricraft PRC 4 RCM Washer, L’art du Son
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby tonyqt » 11 Nov 2017 14:47

I've had a few turntables since the 70's but recently I've been buying, fixing if needed and selling a few. I have 2 tables in my main system. A custom Thorens TD 160 and a Technics SL-1200ltd. Here is a list of tables from the past 2 years not including the tables in my system. I generally have about 4 or 5 in inventory. It's a fun little side job and I get to meet some very nice people.

Pioneer PL-12D
Technics SL-23
KLH Model 20
Technics SL-3300.
GE 5010
JVC L-F210
Pioneer PL-12D
Sanyo TP 1012A
Toshiba SR-F451
Technics SL-5310
Technics SL-D3
Technics SL-B2
Technics SL-1600 MK2
Panasonic RD-3500
Technics SL-B2
Technics SL-D303
Hitachi HT-21
Sansui FR-D45
Marantz 6025
Technics SL-220
Akai AP-207
Technics SL-1200 MK2
Technics SL-1200 MK2
Hitachi HT-460
Technics SL-B202
Sony ps-lx350h
Sanyo TP 636
Dual 606
Sony PS-X50
Marantz 6110
Pioneer PL-200
Sansui SR-525
Technics SL-D2
Marantz 6300
Sony PS-212
Technics SL-1210 mk2
Technics SL-230
Technics SL-1210 mk2
Technics SL-3300
Technics SL-1200 mk2
Marantz 6300
Marantz 6100
Technics SL-1700
Marantz 6300
Technics SL-230
Sony PS-T3
Pioneer PL-4
Sony PS-X50
Hitachi HT-40S
Marantz 6320
Technics SL-Q3
Marantz 6170
Marantz 6100
Technics SL-23
Thorens TD 160
Thorens TD 145
Technics SL-1200mk2
B&O RX-2
Technics SL-220
Technics SL-1200mk2
SL-1200mk2 Black
SL-1200mk2 Silver
Technics SL-23
Micro Seiki MB-15
Kenwood KD-2100
Technics SL-D202
Micro Seiki DD-40
Technics SL-D2
Technics SL-Q2
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby max_hifi » 11 Nov 2017 18:18

1. TD-166
2. TD-124 w/SME3012

That's it for "main" turntables and covers the period since 1990 when I first got a turntable. 2. Is now in my main system and 3. In the living room. 1. Given to my bother.

For "fun", I have a Columbia GP-3, a few BSR changers, a 1947 Seeburg hideaway, converted to play 45s, and an Optimus LAB-1100 for my apartment when when I worked away from home.

Currently strongly interested in tracking down a Sharp plays both side record player, to add to the "fun" category

Would love to some day own an RCA 70D, but that will take being in the right place at the right time, and a generous amount of luck!
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby Beobloke » 13 Nov 2017 20:45

I've been into vinyl for years and have owned hundreds and hundreds of turntables. I owned 80 Garrard models at one point!

I've been good recently, though, and am now down to 24...
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby MikeyB456 » 13 Nov 2017 22:10

Not so many...

Goldring G101 - when I was a teenager, bought with money from my Saturday job...
Technics SL20 - when I was at Uni, bought with money from my holiday job...
Linn LP12/Ittok LVII - when I got a proper job. Sold 20 years ago when I decided I was done with Vinyl...
Rega RP1 - when I decided to get back into Vinyl last year...
Acoustic Research EB101 - when I decided the Rega wasn't doing it for me.

What next?
AR EB101, AT95P, Project Phono DS, NAD D3020, REL Q150E, Q Acoustics 3020
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby ponytrekker » 22 Nov 2017 01:44

I wish you hadn't made me think of this!!

Garrard SP25, 301, 401, RC12, AT6, 3000, 2025, various wind-up decks in picnic and console gramophones
Pioneer PL12D, PL320
Thorens TD160, TD150 and a Swiss record player (nice), Wind-up deck in an old console gramophone
Dual 505
Connoisseur BD1
A tiny little PE single play deck – very sweet!
Assorted Collaros – Challenger, Conquest, 4T200 and the version of it they made for the Decca Stereo Decola (better than the Garrard 301 IMHO)
Philips GA312 (too clever for its own good!) 22GA160 (really nice autochanger)
Lencos – GL75, 69, GL101, 102 (made in the UK by Goldring I think – pretty but lightweight) GL 88 (my favourite Lenco)
Several little Aiwa semi-autos – underrated in my opinion
And a few others, the names of which I can’t remember.
It’s just a hobby……honestly!........not an obsession……..absolutely not an obsession!
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby mythrenegade » 22 Nov 2017 04:23

We had a Garrard of some type when I was growing up. It was a changer and had settings for 7, 10 and 12 inch records and 33, 45 and 78 speeds. It had a shure cartridge on it.

In the 80's we had a Fisher "Studio Standard" rack system that was actually rather amazing. The amp, speakers, graphic EQ and tape deck were quite good. The tuner was just ok, the CD player was extremely basic (but absolutely bleeding edge at the time) and the linear tracking turntable was the weak spot in the system. Clearly they had cut all the corners on this to include the CD player in the package.

Now I have a Garrard DD131 that I picked up at a local vintage audio store.

For some unknown reason I have a love for Garrard. Maybe the good memories of using and abusing the one we had as a kid. I've thought about picking up a DD75 or Zero100 many times.

But I'm tempted by Denon and Sansui...
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Re: How many turntables have you had?

Postby kh6idf » 23 Nov 2017 17:22

I've had ONE turntable for the last 38 years. A Rega Planar 2 acquired in 1979. I have upgraded the motor and arm (to rb300) and will soon upgrade the bearing and subplatter. It's also had a few cartridges over that time. The original cartridge was a Sonus gold/blue and currently it has an Ortofon 2M blue.
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