Beogram needs new belt

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Re: Beogram needs new belt

Post by Coffee Phil » 12 Feb 2018 01:26


That is a very good video. Hopefully that will help Steve get this machine working properly. For sure If I'm lucky enough to ever have one of these machines it will be useful to me.

I got the idea Steve's issue is electrical since he seemed to verify that the solenoid could be moved by hand and the arm would descend and rise.


LDIEZ51 wrote:Hello I have 4 B&O 4002. If you watch and follow this video on YouTube I am pretty sure you will fix the problem. it is the most common fault. Title of YouTube is "Beogram 4002/4004: Restoring and Adjusting the Tone Arm Mechanism" LLoyd

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Re: Beogram needs new belt

Post by Stevelocks3 » 12 Feb 2018 21:45

Hi Loyd, many thanks. I just watched the excellent video which is fascinating and could provide the solution. Are the skilful hands your own? I can see what to do but as I lack most of those fine tools I am hindered, but I may look for some help from a friend. This may take a while but I want to fix this if possible.