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JVC QL-A2 slight headshell angle (?)

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JVC QL-A2 slight headshell angle (?)

Postby topsyandpip56 » 12 Oct 2017 17:51

Hi all, just picked up one of these for way more than it was worth (£97!). It was listed as fully working, but the auto-return mechanism was actually faulty, the usual gunky sponge issue. That was easy enough to fix.
However, after mounting a cartridge I'm seeing what I can only describe as a weird headshell angle, or cartridge angle. It appears as if the cartridge is leaning to one side slightly. I've checked the service manual for any azimuth adjust but it doesn't mention it. I also can't see any obvious way to achieve it.
The cantilever appears to be perfectly level in the groove and the sound is not leaning or distorted so perhaps this is by design, or simply a fault but not harmful.

Any ideas appreciated!
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Re: JVC QL-A2 slight headshell angle (?)

Postby musicmn » 13 Oct 2017 02:36

Hi, sometimes the male end of the headshell [the part that plugs into the end of the tonearm] gets loose with age. Make sure that it's tight in the headshell. If it's loose you can try to tighten the lock nut on the inside of the headshell. But most of the time this doesn't do much. You may need to buy a new headshell and put your cartridge on it. Now if the male end is tight then the locking collar on the end of the tonearm could have turned a little if the collar was forced open or over tightened. Take a look under the tonearm near the collar for one or sometimes two small screws. These can be loosened and with the headshell installed you can then level the headshell. It can be a little tedious trying to get at the screws and they can be stuck from age and or lock tight. You may have to modify a small screw driver to get at them or even remove the tonearm to get them loose. I hope this helps.
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