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Thorens TD 104 MKII/TP22 Tonearm Arc

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Thorens TD 104 MKII/TP22 Tonearm Arc

Postby bleachershane » 21 Apr 2017 17:36

I've just inherited one of these recently from a friend, the thing was in a bit of a mess but I'm slowly rebuilding and restoring it...

One issue is, I'm not very clued up with turntable setup and discovered the Conrad Hoffman arc generator and was wondering what the correct numbers are that I need to fire into that thing? When I use numbers supposed to be for this tonearm (I believe it's a TP22?) the effective length is coming up as 224.991 BUT if I'm correct, it's meant to be 222.

If anyone could Help with this it would be a great Help
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