Sony PS-LX35P

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Nigel S
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Sony PS-LX35P

Post by Nigel S » 09 Mar 2017 22:15

I recently acquired a Sony PS-LX35P and haven't got a clue how to connect the power cable (shown in picture) to a power supply. I've seen other forums talking about connecting it to a 12v DC 2W power supply but I don't see how I can connect them. Do I have to cut the covering off the cable and join the bare wires together or something?
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Re: Sony PS-LX35P

Post by paul401 » 11 Mar 2017 12:13

welcome. The turntable/plug was designed to plug into the matching Sony amp, which provided the power supply, (often the Tuner and Cassette Deck would connect in the same way, forming a complete system).
Can't confirm as I don't have details of your deck, but I did modify a small Sony some years back and that had a 12volt motor, it might be stamped on the base/side of the motor.
Once you have a power supply, which will most likely have the standard small round type of connector fitted, the best option is to buy a suitable matching socket, and fit that to the deck, some are made for flush mounting, but with a little work others can be made to fit. They are easily found online.

You then remove the existing 'plug' fitted to your deck, trim and connect/solder the wires to the socket, (some sockets are available with screw fittings if you don't fancy soldering). You will need to id which is the + (positive) and which the - (negative) on the motor wires, so you can match up with the power supply connector correctly.


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Re: Sony PS-LX35P

Post by sutsu » 15 Jan 2020 18:33

A bit late, but:

A quick temporary solution working for me: stick two pins in the outer holes of the plug!
If you watch the cable closely you see one wire with white lines. That's ground or zero. Connect the ground or zero of a 12 Volts DC adapter to this pin. Connect 12 Volt positive to the other pin.
You could just wrap the adapter wire round the pins and fixate and insulate it with tape or plain cellotape.

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