How much did your TT(s) cost?

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Post by sparrow » 20 Apr 2007 19:21

Geno wrote:Just received my new Music Hall MMF-5 w/Goldring 1012 Cartridge, $629. Told my wife it was $20.
HeHe my wife doesn't have a clue how much I spend on Music..Just as well :twisted:

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Post by purple_pill67 » 20 Apr 2007 22:01

Geno wrote:Just received my new Music Hall MMF-5 w/Goldring 1012 Cartridge, $629. Told my wife it was $20.
i used to have to take my mates records to his house and say i was letting him borrow them!

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Post by GALAXY » 01 May 2007 03:07

When I bought my pair of 1200's they were $499 each....about $530 each with sales tax.

In contrast,my very first turntable,an old Sansui... I traded a pack of Marlboro reds for.

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How much did your TT's cost?

Post by squire » 19 May 2007 13:05

Michell Gyrodec $2000
Inouye Power Supply $350
Rega RB300 Tonearm $300
Shure V15VxMR $250
Thorens TD150 AB

My Gyrodec needs a new motor so I have been using the Thorens table and am pleased. The RB300 arm was difficult to get working properly on the Thorens due to the relatively high mass of the arm.
I'll probably sell the Gyrodec.


Post by Guest » 19 May 2007 13:29

Hello, my setup consists of: Denon DP-45F turntable with unknown AT cartridge (1 gram VTF 1 gram Q-Damping [on arm]). A NAD 302 Integrated Amplifier which I have modified by replacing capacitors with Elna Cerafine and Blackgates (all have been replaced) and used some 99.99% pure silver wire. I use the internal phono stage. Then I have some CableTalk Biwire 3.1 speaker cable going to a pair of Musical Technology Harrier speakers (two way floorstanding crossovers bi-passed)
The costs, well, the turtable and cart cost £145, the amp cost £90 plus about £180 in components for the mods, the speaker cable I got cheap for £110 (3.5m each side) and the speakers were £550. Total cost £1075 but this has lasted me 12 years so have resisted 'upgraditis' quite nicely thankyou very much! :wink:

Sid Hartha
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Post by Sid Hartha » 28 May 2007 17:08

> Here's something fun I recently got from work: ... chnics.jpg
Technics SP-15 3-speed turntable, Audio-Technica AT-1010DTS tonearm, Stanton 681 cartridge with EEE-S stylus.

There's a ton of old studio gear on our third floor, mostly retired/obsolete equipment put up for storage and forgotten over the years. The word from the partners was to "make this stuff go away - we need the space".

This turntable was wrecked a few years ago by some fools in our animation department who were using the turntable to do some stop-motion effects. They clumsily removed the tonearm (destroying the stylus in the process), then stuck all of the parts upstairs when they were through with it. Instead of the dumpster, this wound up in my basement. I scrubbed off all the paint and bits of modeling clay they left on the platter, found a spare stylus in our company's parts room (an upgrade from the one that was destroyed, it turns out), found the manual online for the tonearm, got it all set up yesterday.

This thing blows the doors off my old Thorens. The counterweight anti-skating is incredible - it seems to decrease force as it gets closer to the center, very clever design. The turntable is dead quiet and feels really solid. The plinth is set into a custom built stand about that's about 3.5 feet high, which has its own damped sub-base (somebody put a lot thought into this, back in the '80s when this was first put into service). I bought a spare headshell for my Shure M78, so I can play my 78s on it (goodbye crappy BSR turntable). The dust cover - which I found behind some spare furniture in another room - is beat to hell with a few deep gouges, but I'm not complaining. ... phones.gif

total price: $12 for the additional headshell.

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Post by cids » 02 Jun 2007 15:21

Cost me two arms and two legs !

I love my Verdier La Platine so much that I now have 2. One for my main system and the other for my mono system in my home office down in the basement.

The below Verdier is for my main system upstair. ... near-1.jpg ... near-2.jpg

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Post by davidsss » 03 Jun 2007 12:23

I just found the receipt for mine. It cost me $AU350 in 1988 for my Micro MR611 with MA101II tonearm and SUpex 900 Super Cart and a step up transformed for the cart.

Quite a bargain even if expensive for me at the time as I was a student. It's still my only TT. :D


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Post by abril » 04 Jun 2007 16:36

Pink Triangle LPT (in need of work) with Rega RB250 £125
Resistors £0.98 10 off min quantity (Farnell)
Capacitors £2.85 2 off (Farnell)
Bearing balls £3.47 11 off 7mm and 9/32 (Ebay)
Belt £7.49 (Karasonline)
Cardas cartridge clips and tonearm wire £8.00 approx with spares left. (Welbornelabs)
Neutrik phonos £1.20 2 off (Rapid)
XPC balanced cable £1.50 approx (Rapid)
Michell Tecnoweight £67.03 (Trichordresearch)
Capacitors £1.10 (Cricklewood)
Acrylic cover to replace original smashed by Parcelforce £60 (Red Display)
Denon DL160 transferred from previous Systemdek - was £83

So by my reckoning that makes about £280+ and worth every penny.

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Post by unclemarkle » 06 Jun 2007 02:22

my TT was a bargain, if I may say Aussie dollars...

Ariston RD11 + Audio Technica 1007 arm (build date June 1974) $5
New AT95E $50

Not the least bit flashy, but I am very happy with the music it makes.

It replaces my 1980s Dual 503 (which was only $120 anyway).

Finger Painter

How much did your turntable cost

Post by Finger Painter » 09 Jun 2007 03:22

DIY (checkout my pictures on my profile)

Rega Planet pnds 3.41
Mission 774 LC pnds 12.00
Table top for base pnds Nil
Tap washers pnds 0.89
Scrap brass pnds Nil
Recycled perspex pnds Nil
Cork washers pnds 2.99
Odds and sods pnds 5.00 (estimate)

Total pnds 24.29

Of course not including the Benz MC20e approx pnds 75 (bit of extravagence)
Sound? More than I ever expected. Betters many out there
Pleasure? Priceless

Finger Painter

How much did your turntable cost

Post by Finger Painter » 09 Jun 2007 03:25

Unclemarkle. Someone else with an AT1007. I love these arms. I have one on a home made deck. Very underated. Nice one

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turntable collection.

Post by dsvigos » 20 Jun 2007 14:38


My case is that I never really owned a tt except an old BSR changer!!
(if anyone can remember those).

But recently I got two tts from friends that did not want them and/or had no more interest in vinyl replay. And the best part is that I got them for free.

The first was a Dual CS-505-3 from the 70s in tip-top condition together
with 2 spare original Ortofon styli (the guy who gave it to me only had one record!!).

The other one was a Pioneer A45D also from the 70's but which had never been operated (it was actually brand new and fully boxed).

After I changed all the faulty parts (just the belts really) and used some fresh lubs they started singing. Now my old vinyl collection has a new voice.


Post by Guest » 21 Jun 2007 07:12

unclemarkle wrote:my TT was a bargain, if I may say Aussie dollars...

Ariston RD11 + Audio Technica 1007 arm (build date June 1974) $5
New AT95E $50

Not the least bit flashy, but I am very happy with the music it makes.
Brilliant. It's the deck remember not the 'SON of the DEK' :wink:

Any pics my friend?

I'll show you mine if you show me yours :D

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Post by rbarcena » 25 Jun 2007 21:05

Hi vinyl addicts, this is my first post!

1/ Thorens 166 130€
Ortofon OM 10 65€
New 20mmMDF base, damping and ext.rewiring (DIY) 15€

2/ Dual 1225 + ShureM75 cart FREE :)
(former family stereo)

NAD 3020 (custom frontplate 8) ) 100€
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 160€
Speaker cable 20€

Yes, I'm still on the cheap side...

The Thorens was too pricey, I realised after lurking around forums. It came with two carts, tough: Nagaoka C51-MII (worn stylus) and Pickering V-15 micro IV (broken cantilever) :?

I've already upgraded the base (20mmMDF), damped the subchassis and planning to fit new arm (considering RB250 +rewiring).
Actually drawing the plans for a new wooden plinth (ash /oak probably :) )

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