How much did your TT(s) cost?

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Post by sparrow » 20 Oct 2006 23:02

Mine is a Technics SLB - D20 cost 160 quid ten years ago :oops:

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Post by johnniebaby » 22 Oct 2006 06:46

Hi, new to the Forum, but here goes:- Pink Triangle-Little Pink Thing, Rega RB 250, with Origin Live structural upgrade, and Silver Litz internal rewire, Grado Prestige Gold all bought as a package on Ebay £330. I have just sold the Grado on Ebay for £51, and bought a brand new,old stock Empire EDR9 , for £46 inc. p&p from a company in France, still running in but it sounds superb.I am thinking about sending the arm back to Origin Live for the slotted armtuge upgrade, and the external rewire, also may buy a clamp or puck of somekind, any thoughts or recommendations?

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Post by kelvin » 26 Oct 2006 18:37

A recently repared Logic DM101 £399 back in 1982 ish
with a Linn basic LVX arm £70 when they first came out 1982 ish
Goldring 920 IGC cartridge £30 1982 ish

This use to feed a JVC amp that started playing up recently so I bought a Marantz pm4001 to replace it.

After getting some Eltax minis for my pc , £20 new, and hearing them out perform ( apart form the bass) my Warfdale E90s, I flogged the E90s and bought some Audio Monitor Bronze B4s. £350

My goodness where did all that music come from!!

Those E90 were crap. Funny, the guy I sold them to was more than pleased and said they were "so clear"

My record collection has just had a new lease of life. I can now hear the bad quality of 128 but mp3s.

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Post by Secret Vampire » 28 Oct 2006 19:42

Another newbie, here goes.

Ariston RD80SL, originally with AT 1120 arm and Ortofon VMS20E MKII cartridge (though useless at the time as the damping had gone soft). £15
SME 3009 series II, about £60 but with no headshell or cable.
Parts to modify undercarriage of above arm for phono sockets, and appropriate cable to go with, about £15
Nagaoka headshell, something like £3 with an AT 115 (I think) cartridge, Broken stylus of course.
Ultimo 20A cartridge £12.50 plus £4 postage off ebay, amazingly for the price, not totally worn out, at least so far as I can tell with my microscope, still would benefit from a trip to expert stylus sometime in the not too distant future.

Comes up to £109.50, but that's not counting the £60 replacement stylus for the Ortofon, and intervening experiments with an Electrovoice (Rebadged AT11/12 or something) cartridge fitted with an ATS12S shibata stylus, a world of difference to the rather dull sounding original stylus of unknown (But I guess elliptical) profile.

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Post by njm » 29 Oct 2006 22:21

Here goes...

AR 'Legend' with AR arm and Goldring Eroica LX - GBP100
Sold Eroica for GBP75
Bought Grado Prestige Black GBP40
Bought (Michell) Rega RB300 GBP75 (home-made MDF armboard on AR sounded good!)
Sold AR Legend with AR arm GBP140
Bought Systemdek IIX900 with Roksan Tabriz GBP140
Bought RB250/Michell Counterweight GBP140
Sold Tabriz GBP142
Bought Sony PS-X60 GBP55
Bought Goldring G1042 GBP80
Bought Achromat GBP50

That puts me at GBP323. And I've still got a Systemdek/RB300 and a RB250 with Michell weight to sell. And very happy!


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Thorens TD150mkIISE

Post by rkay5 » 30 Oct 2006 19:00

Thorens TD150mkII-$50
RB250 Diy rewire,Expressimo Audio's Heavy Weight End Stub-$180+$110 Diy rewire+$90+$35=$415
Diy Plinth - Maple wood $15+ My labour = ?
Linn Armboard -$30
Linn Springs-$15
Brass Cones-$12
TD146 16V motor-$50
Pro-ject SpeedBox-$80
SRM/Tech PDR, MVA & BDR's Damping-$50
Cork and Dynmat Damping-$25
Ringmat XLR 330-$70
Clearaudio Aurum Beta S wood MM cartridges-$450
Wow, I never thought I had sent so much but it is money well spend! :)
And I call it a Thorens TD150mkIISE8165

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Post by will48 » 31 Oct 2006 21:31

SME 20/2a with Dynavector 10x5, £4480


Post by Guest » 31 Oct 2006 21:41

Njm, whats your opinion on the acromat ? is it worth 50 bucks ? its something i am thinking of buying or getting for Xmas .

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Post by Trawlerman » 02 Nov 2006 03:47

Project RPM9 £1000
Ortofon Rohmann £1000

Rega Planar 3 £275
DNM Reson Reca MM £255

Thorens TD150 (modified) £350
Shure M97xE $60

Pioneer PL-L1000 Linear Tracker £0 :) slavaged from a skip!
Shure M111HE £1 cartridge from ebay and $10 for a stylus.

EAR 834p Phono Stage £500
Parasound P/PH1 £120

and that doesn't count the numerous other cartridges that I have lying around the place.

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Post by davidsss » 02 Nov 2006 05:42

Micro MR611 Belt Drive with standard Micro arm. Cost about $200 - $300 Aussie dollars about 20 odd years ago when I bought it. Haven't done a thing to it since, except replace a belt, and it trundles along well. Originally came with a Supex 900 Super cartridge, now has an Ortofon MC15 Super MkII. It's a great machine, I love it!


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dont let my girl friend see the list

Post by Mertol » 02 Nov 2006 08:32

I refuse to pay a lot of money for the hifi gear I purchase due to the fact that I buy a lot of'em. I normally restore all of the hifi equipment to its original condition, it means event though a hi-end mat might sound better I will still use the original mat if its available.

Here comes the list
Dual 1229 with original DM.... cartridge = 8 $
Shurem M97 cartridge = 100 $

Total = 108 $

Dual 721 with Shure V15 type III = 80 €

Dual 721 with Shure V15 type III + NOS AT20Sla limited = 90 €

JVC 66F with AT155 = around 300 $'s including shipment from US to Turkey

Aiwa DT 50 with micro seiki cartridge = 25 $

mint Pioneer PL 740 with Pioneer MC 5 cartridge = 15 $

Technics SL 15 with original 305 cartridge = 60 $

Beogram 8000 + MMC20 = 20 $

Philips 977 = 100 € + Shipment to Turkey (I still did not get it)

Mitsubishi LT-5V with AT blue = 100 $

Can somebody stop me.....


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Post by François » 04 Nov 2006 16:14

Hi all,

Now playing a Lenco L59
Lenco L59:46€
Denon DL-103: 117€
Platter bearing upgrade: 15€
Total amount: 178€ and plays great :!:


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Post by labbai » 04 Nov 2006 17:37

Hah! I 'can't remember that... still got my old Yamaha P-850 going on strong with Shure N97 ED from early 80's ... :oops: Got some plans to buy a new turntable, but what the heck! I'll get over it, thou Thorens TD 800 temptates me :roll: seems to be 990€ on sale in Kruunuradio here in Finland. :P

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Post by EdAInWestOC » 04 Nov 2006 23:14

The Denon DP-62L back in 1981 (I think) was $650USD. Add a maxed out OEM Rega RB300 w/Michell Technoweight and Incognito wiring for another $600 USD. Add to that a Riggle VTAF with teflon upgrade and you up the total by another $180USD.

There about an additional $200 worth of various parts to properly mount the arm and restore the automatic queue functionality of the original DP-62L's stock arm

That's up to $1630USD...out of pocket. If I add in the vibration control platform (Gingko Cloud 11) there's another $400USD. The cartridge was $350USD when new (DL-103D in 1981) and there the cost to VDH retipping (add $450 for a total rebuild with a type 1 stylus and boron cantilever). Thats another $1200USD...

The spare Denon DL-103M cost me $220USD and the associated setup stuff (protractors, digital scale, spare hardware...enogh junk to fill a drawer) adds another $250. Up to $2100...more or less.

My second rig is a Thorems TD 166 MKII ($80USD on eBay) and a Denon DL-103R $250USD...A much more reasonable $330USD.

If you start counting Vinyl maintenance stuff then the price goes up...of course.


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Post by BlakeW » 05 Nov 2006 02:26

My whole setup's costed me nothing (but if you ask my parents it's another story... :P ) ... actually...

the CEC Chuo Denki 8002 cost $AU 40 and that's all i've ever paid on turntables! the JVC Z-1S cartridge i'm hoping can be "worn-in", dad got with his JVC L-A31 TT, and never used. He instantly replaced it with an Empire 400TC cartridge which still has its original stylus, it sounds great :)

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