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Sony PS-LX22 - too slow

Posted: 16 Sep 2014 21:46
by reinisb

I have a Sony PS-LX22 and have always had a notion of it playing too slow. I finally checked and my guess was correct - every minute of material is being played over 61 seconds. I want to fix this. I did not find a free service manual online - perhaps someone has it? Nevertheless I opened the TT and there was a board with adjustable RV101, RV102, etc.

According to service manual of PS-LX20 (I guess it should be very similar in PS-LX22), I should connect a frequency counter (which I don't have) to pin and then adjust RV101 and RV102 to given frequency intervals.

My question is - can I simply turn the RV101/RV102 with a plastic spudger and try to get the correct speed by trial and error? Would it work like this? Is it safe and makes sense?

Thank you!

Re: Sony PS-LX22 - too slow

Posted: 17 Sep 2014 14:15
by reinisb
Ok, so I fixed it - very happy!

1. Forget the service manual of PS-LX20 - it is not compatible with PS-LX22.
2. I printed a paper stroboscope and downloaded an awesome iOS app by Grappetite where I could insert 50Hz frequency (I live in the EU)and the flashlight would strobe at 50Hz. I gave it a shot and the stripes were going anti clock wise - so that's correct - too slow.
3. I inspected the notation on the other (green) side of the board - it turns out that RV105 is responsible for "MAIN SPEED". So by trial and error I adjusted the RV105 and voila - the lines on the paper stroboscope are frozen now - the speed is perfect. If I would've known how to do this in the first place, it would've taken me 10 minutes to fix it.

Re: Sony PS-LX22 - too slow

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 11:08
by reinisb
And one last thing. Above the MAIN SPEED RV, there are two more RVs - namely RV106 and RV107. You can toggle them to additionally fine-tune speed. RV106 is for 33, and RV107 is for 45.

Re: Sony PS-LX22 - too slow

Posted: 22 Sep 2014 22:53
by Pikey
Good to know, glad you got it sorted!

And thanks for reporting back with all the info ...

Re: Sony PS-LX22 - too slow

Posted: 18 Sep 2015 08:32
by petergas
Thank you, Reinisb. I already had my friendĀ“s PS-LX22 for reparation here, was slow too, and I did it so as you did. Thanks a lot!