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Orpheus plays again.

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Orpheus plays again.

Postby awty » 10 Nov 2011 09:41

Hi all
Just like to say thanks to this forum and others in helping me get my old Orpheus turntable up and running again. The info stored here is invaluable.
I bought my first and only other turntable (a micro seiki mb18) in the early eighties when I was 18. It stopped working a long time ago and only recently got it going again. Unfortunately it had its day and all the mucking around I did on it never got it working as it should. So while I was searching for a replacement this Orpheus popped up on Ebay and after a few beers I upped the only other bid by a dollar fifty and next thing I new I was the owner of a new turntable.
It was in a bit of a mess and I like a challenge and set about rebuilding it and making a plinth and other stuff to get it going again. Must say I'm pretty happy with it. Still needs a few adjustments but is sounding a lot better than me old Micro.
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