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Posted: 12 Apr 2010 03:54
by Vox T
fscl wrote:
Vox T wrote:Aw shite, another problem. The arm won't return unless I manually lift if past the end of a record. Looks like another adjustment needs to be made. Bloody hell.

What are your impressions of the B & O? Especially as it seems you got her to play to the end.... :)

Oh b****r, I don't know. It sounds pretty good I guess, it's hard to take it seriously as an audiophile table because it looks so weird. It's a heavy table but most of the weight is in the plinth not the platter. It sounds fairly musical with good bass through treble response. I've only tried it with jazz records so far. Need to give it a workout with some rock music.

Re: Bang & Olufsen Beogram 2400 acting weird

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 16:17
by scarlsun
I have repaired quite a few Beograms-- 4004, 1700, 8000, 8002 and am now totally stuck on the 2402 tonearm lift and return adjustment... I cannot get it set to lift and return at the end of the 33rpm record, with the tonearm drop set to the 148.25mm distance from the center of the spindle. I have removed the center disc, ensured all parts are clean and not damaged, removed the upper plates under the flywheel, etc etc. I cannot find anything amiss. It was functional for a time, then began intermittently refusing to lift and return at the end of the record. Is it a function of correcting voltage via one of the two pots on the board? Thanks-- I hope there are still readers of this thread all these years later...