Pioneer PL7 - My Latest Thrift Store Find

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Pioneer PL7 - My Latest Thrift Store Find

Post by nl393a » 20 Jan 2020 00:08

Greetings all,

Last Saturday I went to my local Salvation Army thrift store and spotted a Pioneer PL7. It was priced at $9.99. However, the color tag (white) of the week happened to be 1/2 price that week. So I paid $4.99.

Took it home, balanced the tonearm, connected it. Put on a record and it has an annoying wow and flutter throughout the whole record! I went to my go-to site - V-engine, to look up the manual for a possible fix on wow and flutter but no luck! I was thinking at this point that I might have to take the turntable apart to spray-clean the pots, which, for this particular turntable, it's like performing surgery. In addition, since this table does not have a strobe light, how does one adjust to the correct speed after cleaning the pots anyhow?

Finally, I decided to download a wow and flutter app on my cell phone, put it on top of the record weight, hit "play" then stick a screwdriver from the bottom of the turntable up to the pots and adjust the speed. Fortunately, since this is a Quartz PLL, once I turn the pot screw close to the correct speed, the PLL locks it in place (see the "33.4" reading in the attached pic). I proceeded to adjust the 45 rpm as well.

Now, the record player is playing records with no issues (I imagine the reason the previous owner of the turntable got rid of it because of the annoying wow-and-flutter issue - his/her loss, my gain :D ).

BTW, it came with an Audio Technica AT433E cartridge.

In case anyone is curious, I am listening to a Russian album (it's a Russian import, no English on it). It's Tchaikovsky!

OK, Niners and Packers are on. On to the game...
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