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Show me your DIY

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 14:48
by raymonda
Here are two tables that I am in the process of finishing.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 14:52
by raymonda
Couple more shots.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 15:04
by raymonda
Here is my daily spinner.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 15:32
by spensar
Terrific looking tables.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 22 Nov 2019 21:23
by Legrace
Really like the carbon fiber accents.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 02 Dec 2019 21:03
by raymonda
Well, the fine tuning has been completed and ready to go off to its new owner. This table is replacing his Rega P3, which he enjoyed but was ready for an upgrade. I suggested that instead of him buying a manufacturer's table, which is a good option, that we have fun and create for him a custom table.
Given that we had to come in at a price point, so we sourced out a few used parts, as well as, designed a plinth that I wanted to implement for some time.

I am very happy with the end results and I know that he will be, too!

You probably will recognize some, if not all of the sourced parts.

First, we went with a VPI HW 19 mkIII platter, as this vintage using lead and acrylic is one of the best values out there. The bearing and thrust plate were in very good condition.

Second, we used a VPI motor from an HW 19 MK III. 600rpm, Hurst. I would have like to used an Origin Live, but, like I said we needed to meet a price point. This motor runs smooth and spot on. It only creates the faintest motor noise with the volume up to crazy levels.

Next, we went with a newer Tecnoarm. It was a stupid good value and my experience with them in the past reinforces that this is a very good arm that can handle a wide variety of cartridges, while bring out he best in them.

For the cartridge we used his SoundSmith/Adcom, ruby cantilever. It has less than 75 hours on it since receiving it back from Peter, sounds great and easy to run through a MM stage.

The plinth is constructed from Rock Maple and has a Greyish stain applied to match the carbon look. The plinth platform is fabricated from 2 pieces of 5mm carbon fiber and 5mm balsa wood in a sandwich construction.

Finally, The footers are a combination of brass spikes, carbon fiber with carbon fiber pads.

I spun 5 albums after tweaking it and did some high rez file burns for my reference library for comparison with other systems I have recorded.

In the end, this was a fun project that met all the check boxes needed when we started out. I'm hoping that the new owner keeps and enjoys this table for a long time!

Feedback, both pro and con, is appreciated.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 01:48
by chgc
Really nice work. Good looking and apparently very well made.

A couple of questions: Does the records sit in a recess in the platter on your daily spinner? Did you lay up the carbon/balsa/carbon from scratch, or bond prefab carbon plates to the balsa?

I suspect they sound as good as they look.

Re: Show me your DIY

Posted: 03 Dec 2019 04:55
by raymonda
Yes to the first question and the later to the second. It does sound pretty good. I would like to put my Benz Ruby 3 on it to give it a real ride but time does not allow. At it sits it is nice!