Need guidance for a Dual 1257

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Need guidance for a Dual 1257

Post by Crankenfine » 20 Nov 2019 23:25

For a small sum of money I recently acquired a Dual 1257 in poor condition. While most of the issues are not of critical concern to me, a problem in the uppermost tonearm bearing is.

I feel pretty certain that bearing was buggered and must be replaced. The tonearm wobbles easily at this bearing point. I found a good replacement part on eBay, but I am puzzled by the top most bearing adjustment screw. I don’t want to apply too much force attempting to back it out during replacement as it appears to be held fast by a circular locknut. It looks like a special pin spanner wrench is needed.

Is there a trick to loosening the adjusting screw? I downloaded and reviewed the appropriate service manual but I think it presumes some prior training or experience servicing Dual tonearms. I can post a photo if need be. Thanks in advance for any helpful replies.

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Re: Need guidance for a Dual 1257

Post by nat » 22 Nov 2019 01:35

You can use a pair of scissors or tweeters, or the pliers used for C clips on that lock screw, or you can file out the center of an appropriately size screwdriver to fit. It may be possible that you simply need to tighten the screw a bit - not tight, in fact gently get it tight, and then back off an eighth of a turn. Then lock the screw - the problem is that you may shift the screw if you don't hold it at the same time you tighten the lock nut, so that fancy screwdriver turned spanner wrench may be a problem. So look carefully when you do it.

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