Systemdek 11x motor

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Systemdek 11x motor

Post by Natlepan » 20 Nov 2019 22:27


My systemdek 11x motor has got very noisy. So I have found a replacement. However the replacement is from a 11x900.
My question.
The motor on my deck has 3 wires that run to the psu. The replacement again 3 wires but has a connector block with resistors I think attached.
Now the obvious answer is remove the connector block and connect the motor as it is now.
But are these resistors needed for this motor ? I have managed to find images of this configuration and there are 2 wires that connect to the connector block a blue and a brown I presume main voltage. And no sign of a psu.

Also the motor has the belt pulley from the 11x900 fitted, will this work with my deck.
Sorry a bit long winded.

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