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RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 17 Nov 2019 23:16
by ntsc525
Hi, everyone:

I recently acquired this interesting turntable that looks like it could have been used at a radio station, but in fact, it's a school record player. (The school I was in back then didn't have anything this nice.)

It says the model is EDR-12, but I can't find anything about this anywhere. The closest I've come is a changer, the RP-218C changer mentioned in "RCA Plain Talk and Technical Tips" from 1965-05. ( ... 965-05.pdf) I really appreciate the stuff you can find on American Radio History. What a Godsend for hobbiests and researchers of all things electronic!

Mine is in pretty rough shape, but even with the right channel tied behind its back and the left intermittent, plus an effed up bent needle, a cartridge dragging by its wires playing a really beat up 45 record, it sounds better than my Crosley Cruiser! (Boom! Crosley slam!)

Mine is the manual version of that table in a portable case, with phone jacks for external speakers (not included) and an RCA jack, presumably for a "sing-along" mic input.

Anyway, you're waiting for pictures, so here we go! (I have a lot, so this will take several messages, probably.)
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Naturally I was drawn to this at the swap meet.
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Here it is, all closed up. Like an older, heavier, tougher, and better version of the Crosley Cruiser! Note the speakers next to each other facing front. I think those are 3x5's.

OK, so I have questions that pictures of another one might answer:
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How was the cartridge originally mounted in the tone arm? I'm sure it wasn't that decades old electrical tape!
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I'd read elsewhere there may have been some type of felt pad that brushed the record, and maybe the cartridge was supposed to pivot and track while the tone arm was held by the felt pad? I haven't seen detailed pictures of anything similar. If anyone has pictures, I'd appreciate it!
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Here's the arm rest. What was supposed to secure the tone arm? You'll see how messed up the needle is from the arm flopping all over the place when it was closed up.

Record players seem to me harder to research than radios, because like the GE Trimline I researched earlier, the name or model is usually not how the unit is known in any service literature. How would I get from EDR-12 to an RP-218 type model so I know what to search? (RP-218 only shows changers, some with and some without the "Studio Strobe".) Radios are much easier, because if I find a Zenith with a sticker that says "C845", that's all I need to find schematics, lots of pictures, and lots of fans of that radio!

I'm hoping there is another EDR-12 out there somewhere, and maybe you, dear reader, have one in mint condition you can brag about and post pictures of so I can see what I'm missing!

It looks like an awesome table that can be everything a Crosley Cruiser isn't, except light weight!

More pictures in the next message!

Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 00:06
by ntsc525
Part 2 (The Sequel): Phono Acquisition Syndrome is getting worse!

One would have thought a Crosley Cruiser would have inoculated me against any other phonos, and all the turntables and vinyl would have cleared up by now, but it's actually getting worse.

Back to the RCA EDR-12:

Have a look under the platter:
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Note the amplifier board, hidden under the platter. Most of the board is hidden behind the chassis underneath. It appears there are several versions of this board, and some were mono. This one is stereo.

Here's a view under the chassis:
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Most schematics show a version with the motor also acting as the power transformer. Mine has a discrete power transformer you can see on the bottom. Note the holes in the chassis that reveal some of the components on the amplifier board. Two capacitors can be seen begging to be replaced.

Inside the top cover, there are all these studs...
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What may have been mounted there?

Now this looks odd:
RCA-SN Tab.jpg
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It looks like the serial number tag was meant for a smaller platter, but of course the "Studio Strobe" requires the full size platter. I like the partially covered text requiring you to remove the turntable before you can fully read "DO NOT REMOVE TURNTABLE".
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And finally, neither "EDR-12" or "MI-35143" pull up much helpful info on Google.

So, that's all I have at the moment.

I'd appreciate any clues anyone has on what seems like a cool table to mess around with. It will never be worthy of a magnetic cart or anything, but it should definitely be a good platform on which to play thrift store records and such.


Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 00:38
by Big B5515
There should be a plastic clip that keeps cartridge in place, and supports the entire weight of tonearm with a felt? record brush, so only the weight of cartridge from rear pivot should be at stylus. Probably fairly easy on records too, I still have a changer of this style from an old TV console I grew up with in the garage, think it still has the clip, but the felt? wears off with use. I question felt, as something durable and lint free is needed to withstand many hours of playback, and if anyone has reproduced the part as well. Here's a picture, pardon the fact that it's been collecting dust for a while, I also salvaged amp & speakers and it still played ok a few years back.
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Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 18 Nov 2019 21:24
by Big B5515
Thought I would add that the clip is about 3mm thick at center with probally another 1 mm of felt for around 4 mm of clearance (probably not too critical) between headshell and record, should you decide to improvise. As long as whatever fabric used follows grooves of record surface and without issue and the cartridge is hooked on rear pivot, it reaches record, cannot fall out, or hit top of headshell during use, improvisation should be fine, providing your cartridge is still good.
A couple pictures detailing original part I retipped years ago with green felt.
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That first picture I posted inadvertently brought back vivid memories of my grandfather instructing me which side of the stylus to play my first hand-me-down 78s with at a young age, and yes, it's still the exact same stylus from all those years back. Hope my pictures and measurements help you get your player together. :)

Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 19 Nov 2019 05:44
by ntsc525
Thank you for this important clue! Amazingly, V-M Audio Enthusiasts sells these, so I've ordered one. Hopefully the cartridge is actually good, otherwise I'd have to convert to a cartridge that doesn't use the felt. Then I have to figure out the tracking force.

Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 19 Nov 2019 05:51
by ntsc525

Does yours have the same type of arm rest as mine? If so, how is the arm locked in place? Can you take a picture of the arm rest?


Re: RCA EDR-12 Stereo School Record Player

Posted: 20 Nov 2019 04:31
by Big B5515
My tonearm rest is different, tonearm is round tube, and can be pushed down into a Y shaped plastic rest for transport, as it was a changer from a 1968 console. It does however have the cartridge mounting scheme and strobe \ pitch control like your portable unit.