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Need a turntable

Posted: 20 Oct 2019 20:11
by SpartyTech
Im pretty new to vinyl. I got into it when i was given a crosley like record player the suitcase type ones. I know they degrade records quickly so i havent played my treasured records on them. I need a good player for no more than 150 - £200 if possible. I would like it to have a custom needle weight to prevent record degredation as i will use the records quite often. I play records from the 40 - 70 ish i dont know the size of the records as im not experienced but they are quite large maybe theyre 12" as they have multiple songs on them double sided. I have this record which says it plays a 33rpm so theres the speed i need but still cant find size sorry - ... 556&sr=8-4

Hope someone can help. :)

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 20 Oct 2019 20:33
by JoeE SP9
That LP is just a standard 12" LP. 99% of vinyl records are either 7"(45RPM) or 12"(33.3RPM). There are a number of 12" DJ singles that are 45's. There are also a few 7" recordings that are 33.3.

If you're looking for new with your budget I suggest the Audio Technica AT LP120 ($249US) or a Fluance RT-81 ($249US). The usual suspects will be along to recommend their favorite used/vintage. Whenever a relative newcomer asks they always recommend their particular favorite. That's almost always a used/vintage Technics or Pioneer. For newbies I rarely recommend used/vintage.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 20 Oct 2019 23:52
by rewfew
Sparty, you seem quite a bit green with turntables and the medium played on them. I'd advise you trying to read up on them and how they're used, and all the terminology associated with them. There's all kind of articles and video's to help you get a better understanding. This unusual suspect thinks the two tables recommended seem fine. And they seem to come with a pre-mounted cartridge to get you going pronto playing Bing and those hot Andrew sisters behind him. Have fun with the hobby.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 01:25
by 62vauxhall
Sounds like the OP knows how to play records just wants a better player.

The vintage stuff is not cheap anymore, not by a long shot and new does have it’s advantages like not needing to tinker and having a warranty.

I myself would not buy a new one but I grew up playing records in the 1950’s so a fair number of turntables crossed my path since then. I know enough about them to tackle malfunctions when the need arises. And arise they will.

Nothing wrong with plug ‘n’ play if you’re new to the format and don’t benefit from an acquaintance with a passing knowledge of turntables.

One can always “expand one’s horizons” later if the urge takes hold.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 02:37
by pinenut
Jude, too bad you’re not local. Just picked up a vintage Sanyo TP1010 table that looks practically new, with AT cartridge but broken cantilever (needs a stylus). It cost me $5.99 + tax. The place that sold it to me plugged it in to test, not knowing the belt slipped off.. They thought it was broken.
I figured I’d keep it for a local kid who may need a starter table.

If you’re patient, I’m sure you’ll find something similar. Keep checking the thrift stores.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 02:55
by journeymanj
Find a Dual 505 in one of its guises, cheap as chips, simple to use belts easy to get, sounds nice.
Thousands sold in Britain in the eighties and nineties, fleabay, gumtree etc always has loads to choose from, you tubes full of tutorials how to set them up, change belts, service etc.
Many peoples first proper turntable.

If You want something a bit more serious, nerdy and stripped for racing, get a Rega planar/Nad 533/Moth/Akai/Goldring of some variety, all made by Rega and badged up, same again hundreds to choose from, belts, service, info etc

A lot of the Jap stuff people in the Americas reccomend is expensive, rare in Britain, parts impossible to get, sod all info available. The only common Jap deck is the 1200/1210 Technics and they are expensive due to their use almost exclusively by DJ`s rather than as HiFi, worn out decks are going for £350.

The two decks I suggest are probably the most common here, one made locally the other in Germany, so lots of support.
You will strugle to buy a decent new deck cheaply any more.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 04:02
by lapratho
While I second the tip for a Dual 505-2 505-3, or 505-4, or a (much better) Dual 510, I agree with those who recommend NOT to get a vintage turntable from the web, if you are new to the hobby. The good days are over for getting used stuff online, and eBay is packed with ninnies who don't know what they sell, or hucksters out to rip you off. A good used turntable in running plug and play shape will cost at least as much as a new table these days, and the used one is just about guaranteed to give you lots of grief. Even an old hand like myself is nowadays badly challenged to find something online that is all there in the basics to restore it with a lot of skill and knowledge to make it run, without breaking the bank. The last one I bought a month ago arrived in an unpadded box, just tossed in, and was shattered to pieces! I basically quit looking for old machines, because of of the ridiculous prices these rear end cavities are asking for old wrecks! If you have a good second hand store around, that is the best option for a used table. If not, look for a NEW in the box Denon DP300 or an Audio Technica LP3. The Fluance tables are a North America thing, damned good, but pricey to ship to the UK. You should also most definitely look at Music Hall and Pro-Ject in your neighbourhood within reasonable commute distance, if you want to buy from a local dealer, which I can only STRONGLY recommend, when starting out! Never mind a particular reviewer, who poo-poos the Pro-Jects on Youtube, they are a great value, and when you are ready for better sound, you can upgrade them easily with a much better cartridge!

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 04:36
by 62vauxhall
FWIW, I frequent a shop that specializes in turntables mainly doing reconditioning and repair. A number of good vintage ones are available for sale but being restored, many with new or refinished bases, dust covers and RCA leads, they are priced accordingly.

But the owner realizes a need to carry inexpensive new ones too. His choice in that regard several years ago was AT but the distributor went exclusive with a "big box" retailer so cut off all the independent shops. To fill the gap, he brought in Rega's but did not care much for them. Several months ago I noticed a number of Pro-Ject boxes. Last week I asked why the switch and was told they were better units and better sellers.

I have no first hand experience with any of those brands I mentioned but do take the owner's recommendation as sincere. He's entrusted with working some pretty high end turntables. I have myself bought what I think are some nice ones from him including a Pioneer PL-630 and a Thorens TD124II.

Too bad I did not note which Pro-Ject model(s) he carries but believe them to be near or at entry level. I assume Pro-Ject is obtainable in England so it might be worthwhile sussing them out.

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 21 Oct 2019 08:14
by SpartyTech
Thanks for all the recommendations. Ill look through them all. Yes i am new and not experienced with record players but i just want something that wont damage my records. Audio Technica AT LP120 seems nice a little out my budget though but i think i can find it somewhere cheaper so ill have a look

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 22 Oct 2019 21:01
by henrikpetersen21

Many good turntables have been recommended for you, but if the Audio-Technica AT-LP120X is above your price range, there is also the Pioneer PL-990 or the Sony PS-LX300USB. If you want a direct drive turntable with more options there is the Medion X64999 MD 49999 or the Lenco L-3808 which are both much cheaper than the AT-LP120X, because the tonearm is not as good, but still decent turntables :D

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 16:05
by joedisco
Hi, Im a newbie as well and I recommend the Audio Technica AT LP120X (Look for the "X" at the end as it is the new and improved AT LP120)
I have the ATLP120X and it works very well, it sounds very good.
I also have the AT LP3 and I recommend it as well.
I have both TT, they are brand new and they sound good, perform good and are good idea for a beginner.
(A close friend has the ATLP60X and it is also a good choice but there is not counterweight nor detachable cartridge)
Hope this helps

Re: Need a turntable

Posted: 23 Oct 2019 16:46
The only real think we can say is if you find one that you think is is good, just ask about here before getting it .

Keep in mind that with vintage, condition is all important.