Sony PS-4300 & TA 11 Repair

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Sony PS-4300 & TA 11 Repair

Post by MrSnrub » 22 Aug 2019 08:30


New to the forum :)

I have an old Sony PS-4300 turntable mated to a TA-11 amplifier/radio unit.

From memory it was bought late 70s by my grandfather.

Anyway, I have begun a project to restore it in my spare time, and thought I'd get a thread going.

I'd throw it out, but it is a profoundly beautiful unit and I'd hate to chuck it to landfill.

Image links below:


PS-4300 Turntable won't turn on so I've taken the platter off and am haphazardly fiddling around with a multimeter to find the problem. Seems like I'll stumble upon the problem eventually, but if you have any suspicions about what it could be I'd be very appreciative.

The TA-11 amplifier is absolutely stunning in person, but no matter what input I stick into it - a different turntable I have lying around or even the AM/FM tuner from the same box - I get very distorted sound. Very rusty sounding, as if I've blown a speaker.

It has no issue going loud, it's just distorted as hell and completely unlistenable.

While I can troubleshoot a turntable, I have absolutely no idea where to start here, if you could throw me some suggestions I'd be very much so interested.


I'll post photos along the way so if you like vintage restorations. Electronics permitting I plan on polishing all metal surfaces and touching up the wood panelling.

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Re: Sony PS-4300 & TA 11 Repair

Post by Ottermel » 22 Aug 2019 17:52

Don't throw them out!
Use spray contact cleaner (DEOXIT) on all the switches and pots first and then go from there.
Old grease in moving parts (other than the spindle which will need proper cleaning and new and approproate oil) may be hard as a rock and may have to be cleaned out and new one applied!

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Re: Sony PS-4300 & TA 11 Repair

Post by d-omlet » 02 Sep 2019 02:36

Hello new here I want to look at the gears as I have seen people mention on here. I have a real silly question how do I take the platter off. Thanks for any and all help.

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