Trio KP 1022 - Kenwood -

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Trio KP 1022 - Kenwood -

Post by Jools45 » 16 Aug 2019 12:45

I have a Trio KP 1022 that I am currently refurbing.
Unfortunately I have lost the anti-skate weight.
Does anyone know the weight of the original please?
Has anyone made replacement anti-skate weights for your TTs
If so what did I you use? I would like something that looks pretty much like the original.
Cheers guys

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Re: Trio KP 1022 - Kenwood -

Post by PapaMally » 25 Aug 2019 13:03

well i have a kd1033 and they are 2grams and yours is very similar i made one once for one i sold and i made it from fishing line and a fishing weight

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