Arija EU-5208

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Arija EU-5208

Post by Zaimejs » 20 Jul 2019 11:05

I have been MIA for awhile since I moved to Latvia! I wasn't able to take my turntables or records with me, so I have been out of the vinyl life for over 2 years.

But I just recently was offered a free record player, so I picked it up today. It is an Arija EU-5208. The owner thinks it is from the early 90s with Soviet era connectors and writing.

It works in that records turn. The deck has a built-in amp, so you are supposed to be able to plug speakers right into it. But no sound comes out. He showed me this with his Soviet-connected speakers.

I was hoping to bring it home and use the tape-player out (not pre-amped) to get some sound into my powered speakers... but no luck. There is no sound at all.

So I suspect a dead cartridge, but he thought something was wrong with the inner workings of the amplifier. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but I was excited to share and to see if anyone has seen anything like this?

I will open it up and share some pictures once I figure out how. I can't find any diagrams or anything... yet. I will keep looking!
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Thanks for any advice or comments!
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