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Technics SL-V5

Posted: 15 Jul 2019 19:23
by SpudNuts
I came across one of these at an estate sale. I plugged it in and although there are lights, the turntable doesn't turn.

With that, I took it home for half off. This thing is almost brand new, still had the platter shipping pins, paper and cartridge tape still in place.

Once I removed everything, can freely turn the platter but tonearm doesn't move. I get a power light and I get a light when I press the repeat button.

I looked at the service manual and found that the transformer is supposed to put out 23V to connector CN1. Well, i'm getting 5v. I'm suspecting a bad transformer.

Can anyone recommend a transformer other than what was originally in this turntable. Searching on ebay has yielded no results but there are others out there.

The original transformer is SLT48DTL5A and I found a transformer on eBay that didn't have a part number but was from an SL-QL1. Would anyone know if these are compatible? Or, can anyone suggest a compatible transformer that I could use?


Re: Technics SL-V5

Posted: 15 Jul 2019 19:27
by JoeE SP9
Are you sure something in the circuitry isn't loading down the transformer? Transformers usually either work or don't. Very rarely will they produce lower voltage than specified.

Re: Technics SL-V5

Posted: 18 Jul 2019 15:03
by SpudNuts
Well, CN1 is a direct connection from the transformer's output. When I disconnect CN1 and meter it, I still get 5 volts. Looking at the wiring, you go from the 120/240 board to the transformer, not sure what else could be affecting the transformer output. Not being an electrician myself, unless there is something i'm missing here, it would be reasonable to think it was the transformer. With that said, any other ideas are welcomed.

Re: Technics SL-V5

Posted: 19 Jul 2019 11:51
by SpudNuts
Figured it out and was too simple. The voltage selector was set to 220. The actual voltage coming off the transformer was 11 volts, not 5. Once I pulled the transformer and tested both coils, I knew it had to be something simple and then I noticed the voltage selector was wrong. Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it.