Technics Dust Covers

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Technics Dust Covers

Post by bikspk » 12 Jul 2019 17:03

A while back I picked up an old Technics SL-Q3 turntable that was listed on a local bulletin board for pretty cheap. Interesting as its vintage is when I was in high school. The auto mechanisms didn't work (as the seller had indicated) and it was a relatively easy clean up and re-grease to get it back in good nick. However, the dust cover (while intact) didn't like to stay up as the springs were old and creaky (like me).

Fast forward and I've manage to pick up some beat up SL-D3 and SL-B20 turntables and am going to sort out the worn-spring and broken tab issues so I can at least restore the tables and dust covers (simple as cleaning/polishing a headlight I've found).

I went back through the literature (sales brochures and the like from 79-85) and it appears that all of these Technics turntables used the same dust covers (dimensions wise) excepting the badges (some say quartz, others not).


I'll report back as I go along.

I've also managed to 3D print replacement tabs for the dust covers. I tried the metal ones and they don't fit tight in the hinge. Will report on that too.

If I get brave I'll disassemble a hinge so I can figure out how to re-tension the spring and reassemble with a different hinge pin (would be nice to have long shank machine screw so it looks nice when done. There are some interesting center of gravity and moment equations involved in how much tension the springs have to exert to hold the cover up but let it stay down when it is closed.

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Re: Technics Dust Covers

Post by chiwahua » 14 Jul 2019 13:15

So you 3d-printed tabs?

Is the material strong enough?

How does it look? You bond them with epoxy?

The broken tabs issue is so common, it's sad for all those nice turntables!

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Re: Technics Dust Covers

Post by vinylsgreat » 23 Jul 2019 06:04

My SL-3300 didn't want to stay up, either. I fixed the problem by bending the tab that holds the spring back tension(on the turntable side) to squash the spring to give it more tension. I believe I had 1/32 or more room before I bent the tab. It worked for me.

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Re: Technics Dust Covers

Post by MostlyHarmless » 23 Jul 2019 15:57

Below is a link that may be of relevance. I have absolutely no connection to the linked site and have zero knowledge of the competence of the individual or the quality of his work.

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Re: Technics Dust Covers

Post by mdbrown » 28 Jan 2020 16:18

Curious, I have an SL-Q2 missing the dustcover. Wondering if you were able to expand on your dust cover interchange? I found an SL-B1 that looks like it might fit but I'd hate to buy it and find out otherwise...

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Re: Technics Dust Covers

Post by Roberto C2H3 » 28 Jan 2020 16:25

I use a wooden pasta fork to keep the lid up on my Technics turntables :lol:

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