Kenwood KD-49f problem

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Kenwood KD-49f problem

Post by Linkowski1 » 18 Jun 2019 20:24

I recently moved, and when I opened my turntable something had happened, and the belt was off. So I figured out how to put it back, and it works fine except for one small thing. It’s a bit fast. It’s not 45 on 33 fast, rather more like 36 or 37 on 33. Could it be the belt? Any suggestions on things to try? Appreciate the help.

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Re: Kenwood KD-49f problem

Post by nat » 20 Jun 2019 23:03

A thicker belt will increase the speed slightly, and in some cases, belt tension affects speed (perhaps because it affects belt thickness?). But are you sure that the table wasn't fast before the move? If you got the belt on the pulley and subplatter properly, the speed shouldn't have changed from where it was before, unless something was making it slower and now isn't.
Rather difficult to know without more info.

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