BRS Turntable

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BRS Turntable

Post by vinylcrackle » 17 Jun 2019 16:42

Hello everyone I decided to see if my grandads old brs turntable was working and it works pretty decent actually has a record changer and everything.

What I'm now wondering can anyone with a good knowledge of these turntables tell me what model it is?

All I know is it has a St17 needle and a SCM12 cartridge.

It also has a weird spring near the top of the tonearm that can be tightened and loosened and has a plus and minus sign.
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Re: BRS Turntable

Post by JoeE SP9 » 17 Jun 2019 17:00

The "weird" spring is for adjusting the stylus tracking force. I believe the cartridge is a ceramic type as it appears to have a flip over stylus assembly. At minimum I would replace the stylus.

I don't use ceramic cartridges and have little to no knowledge of them. Someone else can direct you to a retailer that carries replacement styli for your cartridge. They are not expensive.

Do not plug that TT into a Phono input on a receiver/amplifier. Its output level will overdrive any Phono input. Any line level input is OK.

For a cartridge and/or new stylus try the link below.

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Re: BRS Turntable

Post by circularvibes » 17 Jun 2019 17:19

The record changer is a BSR, but it is in a cabinet, presumably with a built in amplifier/tuner. Do you want to know just the record changer model or the entire unit? The model of the record changer is on a sticker on the under side of the mechanism. The Entire unit may have a model on the back of the cabinet. Since it seems to play, I would not change the needle just yet. They do not age like some with rubber parts do and if it was owned by an older person, it likely has little use. I inherited two record changers from grandparents and both had original needles with under 100 hours on them for 30+ year old machines. I find older people tended to listen to the radio more than taking the trouble to play records.

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Re: BRS Turntable

Post by paul401 » 17 Jun 2019 23:15

the ST17 stylus should be quite easy to find, should it need replacing. make sure to get a 'diamond' stylus, not a sapphire version, which won't last very long. The SCM 12 is ok, used in many BSR's, the 'M' stands for 'medium' output, there was also a SCH model the 'H' standing for 'high' output.
The stylus is designed to 'flip-over' it has a fine diamond for playing LP's (albums) and 45's and flips over to play 78's with a larger stylus - make sure to use the correct stylus for each type of record. If you don't plan on playing 78's you can find double sided LP/LP stylus versions.
As mentioned the exact model number will be on the underside of the deck, but many of these BSR turntables are very similar underneath - the differences often being mostly cosmetic. Yours looks not unlike a C141, operation and setting up will be very similar to your deck, there's a manual in the library.


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