Technics SL-Q350 Tonearm issue

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Technics SL-Q350 Tonearm issue

Post by AceFeely » 16 Jun 2019 18:39


Ive been around this awesome website for a while and decided to create an account . This is my first post.
I recently purchased a Technics SL-Q350 and I cant seem to get the tone arm adjusted to fall on the album.
In auto start mode it falls about an inch before the record. I adjusted the screw all the way and it now falls 1/2 inch before the record.
I have taken it apart and removed all the old grease and lubed it with new silicon grease. Everything moves freely.

Also, if I let it play, it will finish and return when it's supposed to at the end. However, if I try to cue it near the end it will return on me before I set it down about an inch before the end.

Anyone have any ideas?

If anyone has a service manual for this let me know. I already have the SL-Q300 service manual but the mechanical parts are not exactly the same.


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