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Measuring Wow & Flutter with WFGUI

Posted: 16 Jun 2019 02:11
by funckdren
Recently, I’ve done some Wow & Flutter testing with the RPM iPhone app, but I’ve concluded that the app is not entirely accurate. So I’m getting more serious and testing with a 3150Hz tone and WFGUI software. Does anyone have experience successfully using WFGUI? I’m mainly interested in measuring Wow, and am trying to determine which evaluation I should use to get the best reading. DIN (weighted) or Wow? Does it matter much? The manual goes a little over my head there... :shock:

I’ve actually already been running tests on my Dual TTs using both methods, but the Ultimate Analogue Test record I bought with the 3150Hz tone is anything but Ultimate -- the whole record is completely off-centered and utterly useless. Like buying a bent ruler.

I have a different test record coming next week, but figured I’d get some advice here first. Thanks in advance!