Nagaoka MP-200 with Technics SL-1200GR - Auxiliary weight question

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Re: Nagaoka MP-200 with Technics SL-1200GR - Auxiliary weight question

Post by rlwings » 25 Aug 2019 17:02

hedgehog35 wrote:
25 Aug 2019 16:27
rlwings wrote:
15 Jun 2019 15:21
Hey guys... So I have a new SL-1200GR and a Nagaoka MP-200 cart with the heavier Jelco HS-25 headshell. I've noticed that I can balance the arm with OR without the use of the auxiliary weight. Are there any sonic benefits to using this weight? I've read the the weight can reduce arm ringing by closing up the end. I also heard that it forces the main weight closer to the pivot point which increases stability. Are these things true? Should I use the auxiliary weight?

Also, does anybody have any experience using the Sl1200GR with a Nagaoka MP-200 cart? (And Schiit Mani preamp)? - Do these items work well together in terms of the whole resonance\compliance issues? - I'm terrible with the math. Kinda looking for yes\no answers, lol.

Thanks for any input. :)
I am using the MP200 with a Technics 1200GR and Ortofon LH4000 headshell, which at 14.3g is considerably heavier than the stock headshell. The reason I swopped headshells was so I could easily adjust azimuth - something I have always found to be quite important. I am also using the extra weight so that the arm counterweight is as close as possible to the pivot point.
I have not tested the resonance with my HiFi News test record, but I will try it soon.
I don't have a direct comparison of using the MP200 with the Technics headshell, but it sounds pretty good to my old ears. I do have a Goldring 1042 in the headshell that came with the turntable, but difficult to compare as they are quite different sounding cartridges with their own strengths and weaknesses.
The only possible downside I have found with the MP200 is that I occasionally suffer a little sibilance on some lp's - but not enough to put me off using the Nagaoka.
One effect of using a different headshell is that the arm cannot be lowered sufficiently to get it parallel with the record surface. I have got round that by using an Oyaide mat which at 5mm, is 2mm thicker than the Technics mat.
If you are happy with how your set up sounds then that is all that matters - unless you are suffering obvious mistracking, then I would continue to enjoy the music and not worry too much what the technical measurements tell you!
I have also recently added a KAB fluid damper which is sounding very promising, but the paddle will add even more mass to the arm. Hoping to write a short review on this soon.
Thanks for your input! Ya, I had to do the same thing, I added an acrylic mat to raise the cart end of the arm. Worked like a charm... Also considering the KAB fluid damper which I think will automatically kill the resonance problem. Can't wait to read your review!... Good idea to use the counterweight which does put the main weight closer to the pivot point. And yes I have at times heard minor sibilance with the MP-200, but I never know if it's coming from the cart or the recording... I was getting visible woofer pumping even at lower volumes so I knew I was having a resonance issue. It's not audible in any obvious way but potentially smearing of the bass frequencies and rough on woofers and amps... And finally, perhaps you didn't realize but the new Technics headshell is designed with a tiny set-screw on the bottom allowing for azimuth adjustment. Granted it is pretty hard to work with as the screw is very small and tight so a jeweller's screwdriver with leverage on the handle is required. Very easy to strip the screw. :)