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Re: Carbon Fiber Brush bristles across my records

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 07:00
by Sunwire
Carbon fiber brushes can only be used dry. They increase static by wiping away charged particles. They will only be static-neutral if the brush is grounded.
The Oracle record brush was the first one I was aware of, back around 1980.
It was similar to the many versions sold today, but had a grounding wire that connected the brush to turntable ground. Someone should bring it back. Saw one on Canuck Audio Mart for $100.

I have two Discwasher brushes, one old and worn and another newer one in better condition.
And I have the Audio Technica AT-6012.
And I have a few of the carbon fiber brushes like the Audioquest one.
The AT-6012 can be used wet, dry, or "humidified".
I think it works better than the carbon fiber brushes.
AT-6012x is a cheaper model with no humidification holes in handle.
Check eBay for lowest prices.
If the record is basically clean and just has a little dust or cat hair that's fallen on it, I just used the carbon fiber brush. That's all you need.
If the record is a new purchase (all my "new purchases" are used records) and it's really dirty, I will start with my old Discwasher brush and my DIY record cleaning solutions using water, isopropyl alcohol, and Ilfotol wetting agent (very mild detergent).
Once I've gotten the worst grunge off, I'll go to my newer Discwasher brush or the AT-6012.
After that, I just use the carbon fiber brush the next time I play the record.
If I was starting fresh and only wanted one brush, I'd get the AT-6012.
If I wanted two brushes, I'd add the carbon fiber.
If I wanted something for really grungy records, I'd probably get a second AT-6012.
You can use fluid with the AT-6012, either right on the bristles to dissolve grunge, or a few drops inside the handle just to humidify the brush for static reduction.
I think it's the most versatile brush and it's not too expensive.
I just looked at prices for DiscWasher brushes on ebay and they are cheaper than I thought.
The ones I have I've owned for 30-40 years. I don't know if the new ones are the same. But if they are, $11 including shipping is a pretty good deal. ... hilit=6012

Re: Carbon Fiber Brush bristles across my records

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 18:55
by Solist
A while ago I thought it would be a good idea to clean my carbon brush with water. Little did I know it turned to rock.

Its the first time I have seen brushes from goat hair, to be used for vinyl.

What cuts do you use for your diy record cleaning solution? I need to clean a couple of records I bought for cheap..

Re: Carbon Fiber Brush bristles across my records

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 20:50
by Sunwire
I use:
800 mL distilled water
200 mL 90% Isopropyl alcohol
5 mL Ilfotol (many people substitute a few drops dishwashing liquid)

I don't think you need 99% isopropyl alcohol. It will cost FAR more and give no added benefit, I think.
I think 90% is fine. And even 70% (just adjust proportions accordingly. But make sure it has no other ingredients. You DON'T want rubbing alcohol, which has lubricant in it.

Here's an article with more info.
https://londonjazzcollector.wordpress.c ... cuum-rcms/

Re: Carbon Fiber Brush bristles across my records

Posted: 14 Jun 2019 21:25
by Solist
Much appreciated! Will give it a go this weekend.