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SME 3009/3012 three-wire phono cable

Posted: 25 May 2019 14:05
by Dneprrider
A few questions for SME experts. In looking through the SME Series2 brochure available here in the SME library, the SME brochure makes reference to an SME "three-wire phono cable recommended for all cartridges".
- I was wondering how many SME users actually use one of these today?
- 2nd question would this cable be the same phono cable for use with a Decca FFSS cartridge which provides for stereo output on two RCAs and mono output on the third? (Full disclosure I have one of these SME/Decca FFSS phono cables)
Also interesting is that the supplied ground/earth connection grounds to the turntable motor, with the cartridge -ve's ground to the RCA shields.
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