Noob/Newbie with a Turntable

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Re: Noob/Newbie with a Turntable

Post by Coffee Phil » 27 May 2019 00:12

Hi Stevenjm,

Welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the nice acquisition and the progress you have made with it!

Every R-O-K owner needs to know about Esoteric Sound

They are the R-O-K gurus an they own the brand name now. They offer improved motor mount grommets. I would expect that they can handle getting your idler wheels rebuilt, but if not Gary at Voice of Music can. My R-O-K is a belt drive (Rondine 2) but Gary did my idlers in my RCA 45 changer and my Admiral 78 changer.

Keep us posted on the progress.

Stevenjm wrote:
26 May 2019 21:53
Research shows I can't really order something new to replace the old one, is there any resource someone knows of?

My options appear to be
1. Try to order new replacement
2. Send in old Idlers for refurbishment
3. Is there anything that can help restore the old idlers? I read about applying lacquer thinner and other options.

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Re: Noob/Newbie with a Turntable

Post by smee4 » 27 May 2019 00:16

Stevenjm wrote:
26 May 2019 21:12
The motor turns them but they are LOUD. They also are inconsistent on engaging between 33 and 45 RPM so I'm guessing the glazing is what's killing it now with sound and inconsistency with shrinking.
Did you also clean and lube the mechanism that changes speed, i.e. that move the idlers into position? Some mechanisms rely on the platter being in place to pull the idlers fully into place. I guess you just have to study yours to see how it fully works.

I agree, loud noise from the idlers seems to indicate they have gone hard. I have had an idler rebuilt. Can't remember who I used but a google search on "idler rebuild" turns up a few places that do it.

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Re: Noob/Newbie with a Turntable

Post by Stevenjm » 27 May 2019 21:39

It works! Whoo hoo! It's not bad at all! The speed seems right and the sound is good on a single speaker since it only has one output and I'd assume it's designed for Mono.

The trick was lacquer thinner. I soaked the idler wheel in it overnight and then let it dry. It fit right in and had a nice bit of grip now. The noise of the system is much lower and it plays surprisingly well.

So the first part is done and this is a working system! HOORAY! Now I'm looking into the tone arm. It's been broken and has a repair on it with what looks like a plastic tube. It's a Rek-O-Kut Model 120. It would be nice to keep this in a bit of honor to my great uncle and what was obviously a fix he made, I'd like to make it work but have a few doubts about it as the head is at an angle and I'm not sure how easy it is to adjust. The idea of a needle not on center bothers me greatly, is that justified?

maybe I need a whole new tone arm? Curious what you all think!