How many turntables do you have?

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Post by cr_hoesch » 08 Apr 2011 20:24

Two (but really only one). Just last week I picked up an early '70's Sanyo TP-80SB freshly lubed and belted and with a newish Grado Blue cartridge. After a little elbow grease and some wood restore for the base, and polish for the aluminum, and dressing for the plastic and rubber it looks -- if not quite new -- very cool. And the sound just blows me away. It's the best turntable I've ever owned.

The other's a newer, low-end, garage sale Technics that I picked up for 3 bucks that's waiting on a belt so that I can craigslist it and pick up a little cash for some new vinyl I've had my eye on. :)

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Post by duficity » 10 Apr 2011 02:43

One less Oracle Delphi
Added one Townshend Rock III and Empire 398

So I guess Im not really downsizing. Just staying about even

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Post by fscl » 18 Apr 2011 02:26

Another one too many...... :shock: :shock: :crazy: #-o

My first Dual idler drive..... dirty, neglected but minty..... :) with a Shure
V-15 Type II sporting a crushed cantilever... :(

Mechanically revived, now to work on the 1019 headshell and adapter along with installation of a working cartridge...... [-o<


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Post by Elev8 » 12 May 2011 16:10

5 :oops:

4 x Technics 1210 Mk2
'Main' pair used for DJing. Semi-permanently set up at home these days for doing web radio sets & fiddling about recording & making music.

'Spare' pair, never gigged & rarely used at all, soon to be sold.

1 x Rega Planar 3 proudly atop the 'proper' HiFi system in my front room.

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Post by jgunn » 12 May 2011 19:16

Just one - a newly resurrected Braun PS 600. But I'm new here, so give it time...

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Turntable Ownership

Post by Elizabeth » 20 May 2011 07:52

I own three complete turntables:
Rega P5 with speed controller, Benz Glider cart to Bryston BP1.5 phono box.
Kuzma Stogi S with speed controller, Dynavector 17D3 cart to the tubed phono section of Audio Research SP-15
Dual Golden One with Dynavector Ruby23 cart to Audio Research PH-2 phono box.
I have a Rega Planar 3 with no arm. Sold the arm (Magnepan Unitrac) to a collector of Unitrac arms. Took the nice original perfect smoke tint cover from the Planar 3 and put it on the P5.
I currently use the Kuzma the most.
I had a Denon DP-59L with a Shure V15Vmr on it. Sold that when i bought the Rega P5.
Then I ran into the Kuzma and just like it's brass pipe looks so much i had to buy it.

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Post by Daman61 » 20 May 2011 12:27


1) Thorens TD321 - SME3009R - Shure V15vXMR (SS re-tipped)
2) Rega Planar 3 - Acos Lustre GST1 - Denon DL103
3) Rega Planar 3 - RB300 - Shure M97E
4) Thorens TD160MKII- MK 3 TP16 - JVC 4MD10X
5) Lenco L60 - Technics EPC270
6) JVC SRP437E

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Post by duficity » 20 May 2011 18:20

Today I have

Transrotor Fat Boy
2 Sota Star Sapphires
2 Oracle Delphi MkIII and IV
3 Sony TTS-3000
Oracle Alexandria MkII
Sony PS2250
Empire 208
Townshend Rock III
DIY table with Starboard Plinth and VPI Super Platter

So I guess Ive reduced somewhat from last year

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Post by crofk » 21 May 2011 01:43

Well.... just added another so now I have the following:

Technics SP-10
Thorens TD124
Thorens TD224
Thorens TD320
Garrard 301
Dual CS5000 -- two of them
Sony PS-4750
Dual 1237
and one other that's down in the basement closet. Its some DJ table that I picked up to play 78s before I got the Thorens.

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Post by WAPFU » 21 May 2011 03:32

Two Thorens TD 125 MrkII's - one is currently being refurbished.

Pioneers PL5

Akai D30
Akai D33

The two Akia's are planned to be sold some time.

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Post by Whitneyville » 21 May 2011 04:10

Well three turntables and one "record player" a 1950 model Zenith Cobra-Matic in a Zenith AM radio, an ex-radio station Ampex 16" with an Astatic cutterhead/playback cartridge, a Dual 1226 with a Pickering XV-15/400E, and a Heybrook TT2 with an Audio-Techinca AT-14 Sa wearing a JICO "generic" ATN 15SAe stylus right now. In my Dad's photo studio is my 1963 Realistic "turntable" I can walk two blocks and get. It's still nice to listen to if I work in the darkroom or in the studio.

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Post by guyfer » 23 May 2011 23:46

rorenoren wrote:Hi,

ten plus, although I sold some, lately.

Braun PCS5 with Polish Unitra Arm (my dearest)
BSR Senator
Technics SL1510
Technics SL1300
Technics (model? belt drive, SME mount)
Technics (DD T4P mount, cheap one)
Elac Miracord 50 MK I (2x)
Dual 1009
Dual 1019 (x2)
Dual 1229
Dual 1249
Dual 502
Dual 506 (not exactly sure about the model number, small platter, DD)
Dual 601 (2x)
Dual 606
Dual 704
B&O 1000 (?)
Strathearn (model ?)
Saba direct drive (model ?)
ITT direct drive (2x model ?)
CEC BD2000
PE 2020L (Telefunken W250)
Philips AG2230
Thorens TD160 (MK I)
Thorens TD165 Special (MK I)
Telefunken S500 (2x)
Siemens 555
Universum 6000
Pro- Ject 1
Schneider 6011P (Matsushita belt drive)
Lenco L76S (very bad shape, no plinth)
Micro Seiki MR222
Braun PDS550 (defective)

plus several DIY (5) , some portables (Philips, Dual, Panasonic) and maybe some, I can´t recall at the minute.

I count 39.... ooouuuh!,
I didn´t think it were so many, got to visit a psychiatrist, I think.....

All except of 5 are in the attic. (that´s why I don´t know all numbers now)
3 of these 5 are not in use, but on a shelf in my listening room.

One DIY is on the "test- table" now.

The PCS5/Unitra (Braunpole) is integrated into my system and used as my main TT.
(with several headsells/carts)

Regards, Jens

Edit, PE 78´ TT in a drawer plinth
Edit 2: Thorens TD150
Edit 3: Technics SL-D3 in my computer system
Hi, can you tell me if the Universum 6000 turntable, that i have too, is a clone of a Japan turntable ?
Thank you

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Post by mosin » 25 May 2011 01:29

I'm not quite sure how many I have, but more than ten. They are everywhere. :roll:

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Post by zwarte-romantiek » 25 May 2011 16:32

zwarte-romantiek wrote:I got 3 "poor man's" tables:

a THORENS Td-135
a THORENS Td-184
a THORENS Td-165

somewhere I got also a small plastic portable turntable (lunchbox size).

The Td-184 is the most recent one and is under a complete revision now. Got it very cheap, but that shows.....

:D :D :D
The TD-184 is back from a revision and already spinning for some time. Just got hold of a NEAT P48. It is a Japanese idler wheel from the fifties (?). This is gonna be my first DIY turntable revision. So that is turntable number 4 and my last one.....for shure!.
Have some ideas for a plinth, gonna build myself a MC step up with some Beyer transformers (including a MM switch, so I can play MM or MC cartridges on this old NEAT).
The NEAT is now on its way from south India. It amazes me, how a Japanese turntable ends up deep in the south of India.

:D :D :D

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Post by Earle » 02 Jun 2011 04:22

I have a beautiful Technics SL-1300 with a JVC MD20X Cart and Shibata Styli. I know there are better but this sounds phenominal to me!! No need for another unless it breaks!!

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