How many turntables do you have?

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Post by Ton_Bos » 19 Mar 2011 21:18


Three Technics (SL-110, SL-120 mkI, Sl-10)
Three Lenco (two L-70, one L-75)
Two Linn (Basic and LP12)
Acoustical 3100SG
Philips GA-312
Thorens TD-150 mk II
Dual 1009
Garrard 401

I think I need to get one more, 13 is bad luck. I would love to hear, or see, a Pink Triangle, very rare in continental Europe. Or a second Thorens, the TD-126 looks wonderful.

Still happily married by the way :D

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Post by aardvarkash10 » 19 Mar 2011 21:29

I've tried to keep up the list, but its difficult while trying to also hide them all from HI.

Dual 1228 - just got it, and it needs a rebuild. Will probably end up in a different plinth... mdf, or maybe cast concrete with rimu surround. - edit - sold it. Garrard is far more interesting ie less reliable and poorly engineered hence a challenge.

Edit - Dual since sold to a very happy new entrant to vinyl

Oh-oh. Got the idler bug. The collection has expanded to include Garrards:

SL-95B, a very original example in excellent condition bought for $0.50, yes Virginia you heard it right, the equivalent of 30 US cents. Needs a cartridge slide and cart (garage-a-records are currently processing the order).

Edit - now running - long story contained in a thread at viewtopic.php?t=19990

Zero 100S - a real dog. Filthy. Pick up wires cut at both ends of the arm, 110V 60hz motor (we are 230V 50hz here in NZ) more side play than shaft diameter on the platter, and the obligatory free floating (on 4 axis) tone arm. Still, looks cool though. Like an early Corvette - beautiful to look at, horrible engineering, crap performance...

SP-25 mkIV - stroke of luck - its the same cartridge slide as the SL-95B!! Plays nicely, took a bit to get the auto mechanism working though. Currently fitted with an AT "bottom of the heap" cart.

Two of these now. Second was picked up non-operational, but turned out to be an easy fix. Came with a Shure 45 cart so well worth the $1 NZD paid for it.

Edit - currently on long term loan to my brother who is getting back into vinyl.

Garrard 210 - two (now four) of these currently housed in their respective consoles (now NOT in their consoles...). Emotionally linked to these because the family "stereo" when I was very little had a 210 in a console through a little 12A*7/EL84 SE amp. I am reliving my past with these...

Collaro RC456 - Just love the retro look.

Perpetuum Ebner - a "gimme" that came with another deal for free. Bit of a challenge as its oddball by even european standards. Waiting on an idler wheel for it currently (from the voice of music guys in the USA). Great retro looking tt though with a real solid feel to it

Dual 505-1 - another cheap project. In a pretty ugly and flexy plastic plinth at the moment. Awaiting attention over winter.

Akai AP101 - project. Missing a headshell but otherwise complete and in good condition and currently gathering dust. A soul-less piece that evokes the 1980's but in too good condition to pass up at $5 NZD Again, winter. Will be interesting to run head to head with the Dual 505 and see which I prefer

Oh-oh. The list now includes three more Duals (1019, 1210, and a 1229) and a Garrard 4HF.

Edit - add one 230V Zero 100B in good going condition although untested as yet.

Oops, and a Technics 1200 MkI and a linear tracking Techie SL-7

Couple of other junkers that provide parts...

Crap. I just read this list. I'm seriously in trouble here.

Blue Angel
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vinyl addict
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Post by Blue Angel » 19 Mar 2011 21:49

4 Garrard 301's
1 Garrard 401
1 Micro Seiki BL-51
1 Micro MR-711
1 B&O 4002
1 Dual 1219

I recently sold after the missus kindly obliged with her 3rd kitchen fire
1 Lenco L-75
1 Rega Planar MK3
1 Michell Syncro
1 Micro Seiki MB-18
1 Dunlop Systemdek Transcription

A few days ago I overheard her talking in her sleep..."must have another fire...must have another fire...must have another..." :roll:


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Post by Rap » 20 Mar 2011 00:16

Have 14 Lencos

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Post by HTHMAN » 20 Mar 2011 01:49

A week ago I had five. Today I have two. Who knows what tomorrow brings.

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Post by baggehög » 27 Mar 2011 10:03

thorens 190-2 luxman p100 Sony ps5550

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Post by rorenoren » 27 Mar 2011 11:52


ten plus, although I sold some, lately.

Braun PCS5 with Polish Unitra Arm (my dearest)
BSR Senator
Technics SL1510
Technics SL1300
Technics (model? belt drive, SME mount)
Technics (DD T4P mount, cheap one)
Elac Miracord 50 MK I (2x)
Dual 1009
Dual 1019 (x2)
Dual 1229
Dual 1249
Dual 502
Dual 506 (not exactly sure about the model number, small platter, DD)
Dual 601 (2x)
Dual 606
Dual 704
B&O 1000 (?)
Strathearn (model ?)
Saba direct drive (model ?)
ITT direct drive (2x model ?)
CEC BD2000
PE 2020L (Telefunken W250)
Philips AG2230
Thorens TD160 (MK I)
Thorens TD165 Special (MK I)
Telefunken S500 (2x)
Siemens 555
Universum 6000
Pro- Ject 1
Schneider 6011P (Matsushita belt drive)
Lenco L76S (very bad shape, no plinth)
Micro Seiki MR222
Braun PDS550 (defective)

plus several DIY (5) , some portables (Philips, Dual, Panasonic) and maybe some, I can´t recall at the minute.

I count 39.... ooouuuh!,
I didn´t think it were so many, got to visit a psychiatrist, I think.....

All except of 5 are in the attic. (that´s why I don´t know all numbers now)
3 of these 5 are not in use, but on a shelf in my listening room.

One DIY is on the "test- table" now.

The PCS5/Unitra (Braunpole) is integrated into my system and used as my main TT.
(with several headsells/carts)

Regards, Jens

Edit, PE 78´ TT in a drawer plinth
Edit 2: Thorens TD150
Edit 3: Technics SL-D3 in my computer system

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Post by LPfan » 27 Mar 2011 19:00

Incurable addict here.

My humble list of vinyl spinners is

1) ELAC PW5 (The most senior tt in the house. Member of family even before I arrived in this world. A childhood friend.
2) Garrard 301 sch II
3) Garrard 4HF
4) Garrard Type A
5) Garrard RC88
6) GarrardRC120
7) KLH 11 (two units, one complete)
8 Garrard AT6
9) Garrard SLX3
10) Garrard SL95
11) Garrard RC88 and 98 chassis only with motors (for parts and projects)
12) National 300
13) PE 2046
14) Dual 1019
15) Sony 5011 (Lenco B55 in disguise)
16) Goldring Lenco GL72
17) Dual 510
18 Technics SL BD230
19) Akai Belt drive (forgot model #, cheap plastic affair)
20) Philips suspended subchassis beltdrive
21) Akai APQ41
22) Hitachi HT350
23) Cosmic 4000 two units (Indian made DD table from the 80s)
24) Sonodyne three units (Indian made DD table)
25) Sony PSX7
26) Technics SL7 two units
27) Sansui PM7
28 Revox B791 (sans platter and top chassis)
29) PE Musical 99 (Stereo record player with PE Rex Deluxe changer and a ECL82 set amp)
30) Philips Record player with mono valve amp and Philips changer with vertical idler wheel like Lenco. Forgot the model #.

I think there could be one or two more turntables, record players stashed away somewhere, but am not sure.



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Post by Dubmart » 02 Apr 2011 21:50

In no particular order:

Michell Orbe/Technoarm
Michell Gyro SE/RB600
Roksan Xerxes/Artemiz
Ariston RD90/Alphason Delta
Ariston RD 11 (Armless)
JVC QL-Y5F (Got it today)
Thorens TD 150
Thorens TD 160
Thorens TD 166 Mk IV
Rotel RP-850 (arm replaced with RB 250)
Technics SL-110 (no arm)
Technics SL-1210 (no arm)
Lenco GL 75
Lenco G 88 (no arm or plinth)
Garrard 4HF (no plinth)
3 or 4 B & Os, can't remember which
A few cheap things buried in the loft.

This looks really bad when written down, I'm not an addict honestly. :lol:

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Post by JayM481 » 02 Apr 2011 22:23

I don't feel so bad:

Garrard SL-72B
Garrard SL-95B
Both Garrards are in outstanding condition, but I just don't have a feel for changers anymore.
Sony PS-X4
2 Technics SP-25 (currently plinth- and arm-less)
Lenco L75
Lenco L78
Both Lencos original for the moment.

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Post by Beobloke » 04 Apr 2011 14:24

misha wrote:3 only.
Custom made modified B&O Beogram 1800
........useless crap like pathetic B&O tonearm/cart and useless problematic redundant mechanical gadgets and electronics on drive board..............B&O pathetic plastic rubbish
I'm not wishing to make trouble here, but if your opinion of these B&O turntables is so low, why on earth did you use one for the basis of a DIY project, rather than picking something that would have been far more appropriate to the task?


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Post by jimg » 04 Apr 2011 19:39

Notts Analogue Mentor
2 Logic DM101,s
2 Systemdek originals
Ariston RD11 Superioure
Garrard 100SB
Not all are all in one piece at the moment, but my query would be where do you store them all? Some of mine are boxed, some not but i can only have 2 set up to run at a time.

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Post by jls001 » 06 Apr 2011 16:07

Interesting results. I am usually a bit scared to disclose to my friends that I own three tables afraid they may think I am nuts, but there are folks here who own them in thirties! Makes me feel un-nuts :D

1. Pioneer PL 200
2. Thorens TD 160 B Mk II/ADC LMF2
3. Thorens TD 124/SME 3009
4. (covetously) eyeing Technics SP10 Mk II/SME 3009 II

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Post by mishak » 08 Apr 2011 06:05

Five that I carry about and use on the everyday basis:

Three Technics SP-10 MKII
One Oracle Delphi MK2
One FONS CQ30.

Plus 10+ other turntables that I don't know how to get rid of

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Post by tasoslim » 08 Apr 2011 07:35

1) Technics SL-BD 20
2) CEC ST-510
3) Marantz TT-5
4) AKAI AP-004D
5) BSR record changer with built-in amplifier (ca. 1972-75)
6) Teppaz portable turntable with built-in amplifier and speaker (ca. 1968)
7) Technics SL-1200 MK2
8 ) J.A.Michell Gyro SE

plus 3 phonographs

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