How many turntables do you have?

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Coffee Phil
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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by Coffee Phil » 26 Oct 2019 00:46

Hi ntsc525,

In real turntable if they don’t have to be up and running I equal you. Two Kenwood KD500s and a KD 550. I also have two Beogram 3000s and a R-O-K Rondine 2

In the portable class you have me beat in quantity but the one which I have can also be in the real turntable group. It an Audio technica Mister Disc.

Interesting that you have an Edison Standard. I bought a basket case Edison Standard off eBay years ago and it is a project. It had no spring motor so I installed a brushless DC FDD motor. It only had the stump of the carriage which is being modified to mount a Sony arm which I got on eBay. This is intended to play cylinders electrically.

I also will sort of have an acoustic machine. I have a Pioneer totally acoustic arm which is also from eBay. It is planned to go on the most funky KD500 which I own. It will play stereo Lps and 45s in stereo. The stylus looks like one from a ceramic cartridge so I suppose I can also find a 78 stylus to fit so I can play 78s.

Were you a TV technician or TV engineer in the day? In my youth I was a TV repair tech. I have a pretty good idea how NTSC TV works but with digital TV all I know is magic happens.


ntsc525 wrote:
19 Oct 2019 03:33
I have only a modest collection:

Real Turntables: 6:
Teac TN-400 Magnafloat w SME 3009, my best, but demands utmost attention and care)
Marantz 6200 (my first, bought new, and I still think it's pretty!)
Denon DP30L (rescued from a friend who was going to sell it on eBay)
2 ELAC Miracord 50H tables, one recently acquired at a swap meet for $30, which got me back into vinyl.
(My favorite idler table, capable of using a magnetic cart at 2 grams and still working the changer.)
Hoffman M1200 Voice of Music 1200 changer (stand-alone table, my current favorite for 78s by the stack)
I count this as a real turntable because it's stand-alone, though it's not the best, and has a ceramic cart.

RCA Stand-alone 45 changers: 2

Edison Standard cylinder player
Edison Amberola cylinder player
Victor Victrola wind-up, table top
Victor RE-45 Electrola (1929 Direct drive with magnetic pickup: Tracking force: 125 grams!)
Mechanical speed governor. Rumble? Oh, my goodness, yes!

RCA 7-ES-6 portable mono changer
GE Trimline 500 drop down stereo changer, tubes and transformer chassis (Luggable but heavy)
Philco P1441EB (One tube wonder, high output ceramic cart, BSR changer w plastic tonearm
Califone 1010AV school player (plastic platter, made in China)
Audiotronics 304E school player (solid state, 1970s metal table, made in USA, best sounding mono portable)

Junk (plastic and cardboard):
Emerson Big-Big Portable Phono (kid's player)
DeJay blue plastic player with warped tone-arm (kids player, free with Audiotronics above)
Crosley Cruiser Deluxe. (I'd set a low bar, looking for a light portable with decent sound for thrift store records.)

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by kylegser » 27 Oct 2019 23:45


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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by ju90 » 29 Oct 2019 12:58

I have the following:

Thorens td160 with mission arm and a&r P60 cartridge, I which I have used since Aug 1986.

Project debut mk2 with the 10 inch platter.

Valek transcription turntable from 1972.

Goodman's automatic turntable with a p4t cartridge.

The first two are in regular use, whilst the Valek is a project piece for refurbishment and the Goodman's in in the loft somewhere.

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by jamesobxfan2296 » 11 Nov 2019 23:58

At the moment, I have two that I run on a regular basis. A Technics SL-1200 mk2 and a Technics SL-1650. The 1200 I use for serious listening. I play my pristine records and other rare copies on it. My favorite cartridge to run on the 1200 has been the Audio Technica VM750SH. I love the detailed sound that the shibata stylus can offer.

For the 1650, I have the 33 RPM and 45 RPM stacking spindles. I use the 1650 for when I just want to stack a few records and fall asleep to music or listen to some music while doing stuff around the house. With the auto-return, you don't have to worry about catching the tonearm at the end of a side.

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by TJKV » 18 Nov 2019 02:03

Main TT: Rega P2

First TT, currently in storage, not working: Dual 1010

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by _ITX_ » 19 Nov 2019 14:29

Two at the moment:

- SynQ X-Trm 1
- Sony PS-T22

The latter was an unexpected attic find. It's in a very good condition, apart from the dirty and broken dust cover. The only things I need to replace are the needle and the RCA plugs. Once that's done, I'm planning on giving it to my sister as a christmas present (she's also a vinylhead, so I know she'll appreciate it!)

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by noelpen » 19 Nov 2019 20:34

Just the 2 for now.

Trio kd-1033 with a Jvc ax-333 integrated amp.

Sony ps-lx300usb with a denon Pma -255uk amp.

With a pair of Mission leading edge 700 speakers.

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by rcamp48 » 19 Nov 2019 21:13

I have 3 of them, pictures are coming, my best is a Philp (not Philip) Audio Productions Square Dance Callers Record player with a Lenco 705 turntable, since I have over 34 pictures of it in detail, I decided to make a slideshow with actual music being played on it. It seems to play 45s ok, but 33s are a bit off speed. Here is the link to my video:

What do you guys think of the format I have used to present this record player ? rather than 34 pictures in one post....

Russ Campbell

PS: I have no idea how to align the set speed on this record player, other than putting it on variable speed and adjusting it that way.

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by mautrolli » 20 Nov 2019 14:17

Six.. no.. seven: :shock:
Lenco L70
Lenco L75
Garrard 4HF
Dual 1019
Dual 1010
Taya DP510
SonyPS LX2

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by _baard_ » 27 Nov 2019 20:30

Seven :)
Thorens TD 124, main stereo
EMT938, main mono
Thorens TD125
Thorens TD125 LB (in pieces)
Lenco L75
Denon DP37F
Technics SL1200 mkII

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by jfcsantos » 28 Nov 2019 13:29

3 units at the moment

2xTechnics SL1210MK2
1xAudio Technica AT727 (sound burguer)

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by CoastalCruiser330 » 01 Dec 2019 02:19

I have 2 turntables........Denon DP-23F & Harmon Kardon T-60

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by apastuszak » 02 Dec 2019 02:45

Right now, I have 4:
  • Dual 1257 - In my basement ($13 purchase from Goodwill)
  • Technics SL-D2 - In my family room ($40 purchase from
  • Realistic LAB440 - In my basement. About to replace my Dual 1257 ($100 purchase from eBay)
  • Aiwa LX-770 Linear tracking - Sitting on a shelf right now. Has a new stylus. Trying to decide what I want to do with it. ($10 purchase from a thrift store.)

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by ReMC » 08 Dec 2019 18:09

Used to have 1. In one month from 1 to 4 LOL.

Linn Sondek LP12, Cirkus, IttokLVII, Lingo4, Keel, Vandenhul MC One special

Dual CS 505-1
Garard SP25 mk1
CEC BD 1000

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Re: How many turntables do you have?

Post by _ITX_ » 09 Dec 2019 10:34

Update on my vintage Sony deck: I did all the necessary repairs and gave it to my sister yesterday. She was absolutely amazed and couldn't thank me enough for this present. I'm happy that this old turntable is now in good hands :D

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