Technics Sl-235 belt and platter removal

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Technics Sl-235 belt and platter removal

Post by Goobyplsxx » 15 Apr 2019 22:43

Just picked up a Technics Sl-235 at a local thrift and it was marked it needed a new belt, which it did. Bought a new belt and got home and took a look at it, Trying to remove the platter but the mat is glued down and the platter doesn't just come off. Tried looking in service manual and the instruction manuals but nothing is showing me how to remove it. I've looked at similar models and they aren't the same so I'm asking for some help on here. Thanks!

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Re: Technics Sl-235 belt and platter removal

Post by musicmn » 16 Apr 2019 01:25

Hi, this turntable originally came with a spindle for stacking records on. Do you have the stacking spindle and the single play spindle? There's a Clip used to hold a tapered spindle housing onto the main stacking spindle housing. You can clearly see it in the owners manual on page 6 fig 21 a black arrow is pointing to it. Most of the time you don't have to remove this clip the center of the platter is tapered so it's just a pressure fit between the spindle and the platter. It could be that the platter is just stuck on the spindle from age. You will need to remove the mat to remove the platter, if it is glued down try to gently peel the mat off the platter. If it's really stuck down try using a hair drier to warm the mat and the glue. Hopefully that will release the glue. Once you have the mat off you will see finger holes in the platter used to lift the platter off and to attach the belt to the pulley on the motor. As you lift the platter using the finger holes tap on the spindle with the handle of a large screw driver. You don't have to beat the spindle into the mechanism just a couple of sharp blows and the platter should pop off. If this fails to remove the platter then remove the Clip from the spindle and the spindle and the platter will come off. Then you can tap the spindle out of the platter and reinstall it. Make sure you clean the pulley on the motor with a little alcohol and a rag to remove any old belt gunk. Also make sure to wipe the rim on the bottom of the platter where the belt rides with alcohol and a rag. The rim should be smooth if you feel and belt gunk use fine sand paper to clean the gunk off the rim then clean it with alcohol. Just a word of warning don't expect this turntable to work correctly once you have the new belt on. I know for a fact from servicing Technics turntables like this one that the mechanism is full of old grease that turns hard from age. This hardened grease can and will cause all kinds of issues with full automatic turntables. So if you have any issues with the turntable once you get the new belt on then it will need a complete servicing to get it back to working condition again. I have included a picture of the Clip and the tapered spindle housing that fits into the platter. The picture is from a Technics DD model so just ignore the motor and other parts. I hope this helps.
GEDC1232 (Copy).JPG
The Yellow arrow is the Clip, the Green arrow is the spot on the spindle where the clip fits. And the red arrow is the tapered spindle housing that the platter fits on.
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