Do I expect too much from records/analog?

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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by soulmerchant » 09 Mar 2019 10:01

Bob Dillon wrote:
08 Mar 2019 18:15

Whale oil was used a lubricant on the tape itself, until the ban. Synthetic lubricants were then substututed which have not aged as well, causing tapes to squeal and / or shed oxide on the tape heads when they are played. Baking such tapes is highly recommended. Baking older tapes with whale oil lubricant is NOT recommended or necessary.
This is correct. However today Pro Cleaning is the way to do it. Baking is not the way to go. I know of a local service (where I live) where they developed a PRO cleaning machine just for this purpose. They have done this service now for a few years and have had outstanding success. They can provide references too.

Baking tapes is not the way to go. serious. If you want more info, please pm me.

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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by Bullitt5094 » 11 Mar 2019 21:25

So my final answer to "Do I expect too much from records" is... No I don't. But I WAS expecting too much from my 40+ year old ancient technology turntable apparently.

The Feickert with the Origin Silver arm arrived on Saturday. I mounted the Hana SL on it and went through the VERY lengthy TT set-up procedure and spun several records. I am extremely satisfied with the sound, S/N ratio, rumble levels, etc. Basically this is what I expect to hear through my system no matter what the source. The vinyl and digital paths are very near the same. There is of course some noise from the vinyl but it is negligible with this table and a needle weighing 1.8 grams. Not dead quiet like the digital/FLAC but the music itself is better than digital on some recordings. Sometimes shockingly better. But the Digital path is also better than the Vinyl on others. I think I have the best of both worlds going and I'm not prejudiced toward either. But as the new toy, I'm enjoying the Feickert a ton right now.
I will also say the Feickert does outperform the Signature Audio Primus table. But that table is really, really good for the price.

Also continued props for Ellington HiFi. Tony was again very helpful with this purchase and is just really great guy. Even called me on Sunday to check on things.

And I'm just libel to send in the old TD-165 for rebuild just to see what can be done with it. Lots of sentimental value with that one. I have an almost unused AT-440Mb collecting dust I could put on it too. Could be a fun experiment. Plus I'm probably the only VE member with only one operable turntable. :-)

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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by zlartibartfast » 14 Mar 2019 19:04

Oh, I doubt that you're the ONLY one....but that's another topic.

Really pleased to learn you found some joy down in the grooves!

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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by KentT » 15 Mar 2019 12:17

DBX in his case is not a gate. It was DBX II NR encoded records, which required a decoder.

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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by mjwraw » 17 Mar 2019 21:43

Exactly my experience Bullitt5094, over the last 15 years I've gone from a 2nd hand Pioneer PL112D to a 2nd hand Acoustic Research 'The Turntable' to a new Thorens TD203 and finally to Project 6Perspex, and in that journey I've progressively said goodbye to rumble, wow, hum and other 'artefacts'. It still occasionally surprises me even now when I lower the needle and on really good pressings, after the initial click of the needle landing in the groove, there is complete silence until the music starts (at least to my middle aged ears anyway). Now I'm not saying you can't achieve that with older TTs, I'm sure you can if you're a TT mechanics expert, but I most definitely am not, so the path to extremely stable silent playback was for me by 'going modern'.

Doug G.
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Re: Do I expect too much from records/analog?

Post by Doug G. » 18 Mar 2019 07:29

I was actually a bit disappointed when I first heard CD's. I was expecting a real whiz-bang experience, like being at a live performance (as a lot of advertising promised) and they didn't really sound much different from my record player, the quieter background stipulated.

A scratch causing a once-a-revolution "POP" is very annoying but the random stuff isn't that noticeable. I am listening to the music. I have always kept my records in good shape, anyway.


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