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Inner Platter and Suspension - Thorens

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 00:52
by toby-lerone
I finally found a die cast inner platter for my Thorens TD 166 with a 7mm spindle to replace my resin platter. The die cast platters came stock on the 160 and a few other models, typically with a 10mm spindle, from what I've seen. Finding a 7mm was not easy.

It spins like a dream. However, when placing the outer platter on with a record the suspension is visibly weighed down too much. The platter spins far too close to the motor guard. Example: Placing my phone, to conduct an rpm test, on the platter results with the platter slightly contacting the motor guard. Not good.

I'm still learning this turntable... I've seen on Vinyl Nirvana two separate spring sets for 160 and 166.

My question: Is this issue something that can be corrected with readjusting the spring suspension on my existing springs? Or, is a different spring required all together to handle the newly increased weight of the cast iron inner platter?

Re: Inner Platter and Suspension - Thorens

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 01:05
by nat
One way to tell is to try adjusting the existing springs. I suspect it will do the trick since (regardless of whether Vinyl Nirvana has two different sets of springs) it is not necessarily so that Thorens did. If it doesn't work, you have the answer to your question. If it does work, but the resonant frequency is off to a meaningful degree, that may be a bit harder to figure out, but the harder it is to notice, the less it matters in actual use.
On the other hand, if cash is not tight, new springs aren't that expensive, and might be worth getting anyway - it's possible that springs actually fatigue and it's not just obsessives and retailers who want you to think this.

Re: Inner Platter and Suspension - Thorens

Posted: 16 Jan 2019 18:42
by toby-lerone
Thanks nat. I was thinking the similar myself, glad you confirmed.

I opened up the turntable. The springs certain need to be replaced, one is severely fatigued and another is showing sings of rust.

Vinyl Nirvana's springs are 45 bucks. A bit steep in my opinion. My friend sent me a link to, decently priced springs, however, I'm not certain they would be a suitable replacement. I'll most likely just get the Vinyl Nirvana set for the TD 160 to save myself time.

If anyone has any insight into Thorens springs it would be appreciated.

Re: Inner Platter and Suspension - Thorens

Posted: 17 Jan 2019 01:22
by nat
I would be careful about using McMaster Carr springs. The springs need to be conical and the correct length, support a specific weight, and have the correct spring rate. I don't doubt that these are all factors that are quantified, and that McMaster Carr's catalogue might have exactly what you want, and with specs all laid out, but I don't know how to choose the specs. I assume Vinyl Nirvana's guy does (or I hope he does), and spending ten or twenty bucks extra might be a cheap investment in mental calm. As confirmed bottom feeder, it pains me to say this.
And if you really want to go cheap, keep in mind that McMaster Carr often is a very expensive source for parts - you pay for the convenience of being able to order everything from one catalogue and one company, and with a reasonable chance that they have it in stock. And a reasonable chance that whoever takes your order speaks English and that your payment won't disappear with nothing to show for it. So if you want to save, go to the source - scour the internet for spring makers. You might be lucky, in which case, you can turn around and sell to the rest of us.

Re: Inner Platter and Suspension - Thorens

Posted: 17 Jan 2019 05:24
by Hifiler
As I'm sure you've already realized, in general, springs for Thorens tables with resin inner platters are not sufficient to support the weight if you change to a cast metal inner platter.

IMO you have two options: buy the TD-160 springs from Vinyl Nirvana, or wait for a decent set on eBay or here, or some other site.

The spring kits from Vinyl Nirvana are top quality, you know exactly what you are getting. I would just get those and be done with it.

There is a big difference between properly adjusted tables with metal vs. resin inner platters, at least with the 10 mm bearing tables. I've never seen a metal 7 mm inner platter.