Show us your unique turntable or record player!

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Re: Show us your unique turntable or record player!

Post by VinyldechezPierre » 13 Oct 2019 12:02

Here's one I'd come across months ago for sale on a forum.
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Sorry about this photo that doesn't show much but images of it are as rare as the TT itself. And anyway, it doesn't matter much; what makes this TT fascinating cannot be seen in a photo.

So, yes, it is a linear tracker but the main thing is it was designed to work (and it did work) on ships which, if you've ever been on one, you know roll. Not sure it would work on a 45 footer which easily rolls crazily; it was designed for large ships and I don't know what kind of weather it was tested in. :D

The creator is a man by the name of Ernest Spiteri who is quite interesting but the info I found is all in french...

Anyway, besides this TT which supposedly sounds amazing, he designed, created and sold speakers (about ten pairs), amplifiers (2 built) and, most famously, was part of the design team for Cousteau's mini sub.


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