Presenting the Philips AG2230W

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Presenting the Philips AG2230W

Post by cafe_liegeois » 31 Jul 2018 21:59

My latest arrival had to wait a few days for a needle and a new belt. Now ready to spin... Tadaaa... the Philips AG2230W:


Some people claim that this is the only decent turntable Philips have ever made. It was produced by Deutsche Philips of Hamburg, Germany, around 1965. It's a combined idler/belt-drive (motor -> idler -> belt -> platter) on a massive cast metal chassis with a floating subframe carrying the motor, hefty inner and outer platters, the latter heavily chrome-plated. Built like the proverbial battleship, there's metal everywhere.


The Philips AG3407 moving magnet pickup head with a spherical diamond. Luckily, I was able to get hold of a NOS stylus. The cartridge is a lot smaller than the usual 1/2 inch variety and the headshell is way too small for mounting anything else. Also the connector and retaining screw at the tonearm don't accept standard SME headshells. Fortunately, it holds its ground rather well against the ST444 in my Elac Miracord 50H-II.


The typical Philips rocker switch for the tonearm lift, here in its first incarnation.


And for all those who can't believe that they ever made something so solid with barely any plastic components, here's the name again.

A quick look under the hood. Note the woodwork that's just as solid as the rest:


The combination of motor axle, idler, pulley, belt, and inner platter:


And this is what it looks like when things get comfy in the evening:


Now, it'll have to battle with the Elac for its place in the living room.


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Re: Presenting the Philips AG2230W

Post by terry-a » 01 Aug 2018 00:06

That's a beautiful machine.

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