Audiomods tonearm kit.

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Audiomods tonearm kit.

Post by Woodbrains » 20 Jun 2018 21:20


I just tried to purchase an audiomods tonearm kit as per the one shown on the website. I thought I would go the whole hog and get the micrometer adjustable VTA too. Sadly Jeff emailed back and stated that he kits were no longer available, only complete arms! I'm sure the new arms are fabulous, but I really wanted to make one. Looks like I'll have to modify my old Rega arm for something to do. I'm currently building two TT's from old parts and parts I'm making, a kit arm would have finished one of them off beautifully. Just thought I'd post the info in case anyone has thoughts in getting one.


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Re: Audiomods tonearm kit.

Post by billshurv » 20 Jun 2018 23:26

That is a shame, but not unexpected.

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Re: Audiomods tonearm kit.

Post by Tonybro » 21 Jun 2018 07:23

I think that has been the case for a while now. At least 12 months or so.

It looks a tricky job and I wouldn't trust myself. :oops:

Jeff does such a good job on them that I asked myself whether it was actually worth buying a kit in the end.

I have two arms now - Classic and V.

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