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ELAC 50HII - Phono & Power cable upgrade

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ELAC 50HII - Phono & Power cable upgrade

Postby civilguy » 21 Apr 2018 02:38

Hello all. I'm in the process of giving my original 46 year old ELAC 50Hii a gentle lube/clean and cabling upgrade. Have 3 questions:

1. Cartridge I'm using is a Shure M91ED and most music listening is 70's oldies. My original audio cable is standard RCA that I probably bought from Radio Shack in it's day. I'm ready to spring for a new BJC-LC1 cable. Is this overkill for my system - a JVC stereo with a pair of 46 year old RS MC-1000 speakers!
2. The power chord and ground wire are original but look a bit tired. If I change out the power chord could I use a 3-prong plug/chord and simply connect the ground wire to the TT ground connector? I have several recycled computer power cables that I can use for this purpose but I'm not sure if it would be better to keep the original ground connection between the JVC and TT ground connectors? Maybe double ground?
3. How best to prop up and work on the underside of the TT? Even with the platter removed it's heavier than I thought. Don't want to damage anything because I know parts are scarce.
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