JVC L-A55 No Sound

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Mr Humbucker
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JVC L-A55 No Sound

Post by Mr Humbucker » 18 Mar 2018 02:48

Nubie here, I hooked up my turntable today that I've had in a box for 20 plus years and much to my surprise (kind of) when I dropped the needle there's no sound from my receiver. Where should I start to troubleshoot? The Pioneer 1980's receiver/amp works fine for AM/FM but when switched to phono - no go!


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Re: JVC L-A55 No Sound

Post by royal_mile » 18 Mar 2018 14:19


As the turntable hasn't been used for a while, I would start by checking all of the connections are good.

1. Remove the headshell and check the headshell to tonearm contacts are clean.
2. Check the cartridge wiring and pins are secure and clean.
3. Make sure the RCA plugs are free from corrosion - same with the sockets on the back of the receiver.
4. Check the pugs are pushed fully home.

If all of these are good, it may be worth connecting the JVC to another input on your receiver. You'll need to turn the volume up higher for non-phono inputs. If it works, the problem could be in the the receiver.


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