What type of noise is acceptable from new vinyl?

snap, crackle and pop
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What type of noise is acceptable from new vinyl?

Post by Jackangus » 14 Mar 2018 11:41

Hi everyone,
I have been wearing out the forum a bit lately, but if you don't ask.

I have noticed on two of my new vinyl I bought, there is a popping sound for about 10 seconds.
Kinda goes, pop pop pop pop with about a second inbetween each pop.
It only does this two or three times on each album. It's not terrible, but the pops are reasonably loud. I can hear them over the music.
I have replayed the parts where I hear the pops and it does not change. Exactly the same place each time.

The two albums are Pink Floyd wish you were here and Dark side of the mooon.

What could it be? and is this acceptable for new vinyl?

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Re: What type of noise is acceptable from new vinyl?

Post by GTH » 14 Mar 2018 13:05

Jackangus wrote:What could it be? and is this acceptable for new vinyl?
It could be from surface paper/dust particles or some particle pressed into groove at factory. A suitable, proper, pre-play cleaning can mitigate or eliminate this. Sometimes in the act of playing the stylus will dislodge the offending particle.

It is not uncommon to have the odd tic/pop on new vinyl but noise free lp's are just as common as those with minor noise issues, it is the nature of the medium.

As you describe; 2-3 tic/pop per album(not per side), or(not and)a little(very little)other noise issue, I would consider your albums as NM. Anything beyond what you have described I would downgrade to VG/EX. But that's just me, others may have different thresholds for what they consider to be a NM grade, which in my humble opinion, makes any grade other than MINT practically meaningless. A seller will always over grade and a buyer who overpaid will too!
Sealed records can't be graded until they are played.

P.S. As a new member I will kindly advise you to post in the appropriate category. This post belongs in "Music and Records".


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Re: What type of noise is acceptable from new vinyl?

Post by noisefreq » 14 Mar 2018 13:44

I wet clean and vacuum new vinyl.
It usually doesn't take the same attention and time that a used record needs but it's dusty from the manufacturing process just the same.

Since it's the same place each time, it's probably not static. If you don't have a carbon fiber dust brush, there're cheap.

If you hold the record up to the light, can you see any scratches in that spot?
Surface scuffs can happen from just sliding the record into the jacket.

And like GHT said, it's also not uncommon for there to be manufacturing defects. Especially on widely mass produced records like these. The quality control just can't catch every issue. Cleaning won't fix this.

I Know it's kind of a PITA but if it's unsatisfactory, return it.
There's plenty more out there to choose from.

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